The Release Of “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face” Prove Dirty Harry Will Find His Place In The Hip-Hop Dome

 Harry Wright, Broward, FL-based self-taught hip-hop artist, better known with his stage name Dirty Harry released two urban-spirited tracks called “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face.” The artist makes it clear he knows the genre and the streets. His lyrics come from an urban reality, and his music has the classic hip-hop energy to it. Both newly released tracks will remind you of the days of good old hip-hop from the 90s’, the times of Master P, Tupac, Dr.Dre, and others, thanks to whom the genre developed to its best version. 

Dirty Harry is not just rapping because he loves it. Of course, love and dedication play a huge part in success, but he creates because he has things to say, ideas to share, and values to maintain. Dirty Harry is a poet of the streets; his lyricism is far from the cliche themes of money, chicks, and fame. Both releases “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face” speak of difficulties and struggles that the artist and others face on a daily basis. The tracks come from the soul; they tell truths and realities that the world needs to know. 

There is no doubt Dirty Harry will find his place in the hip-hop dome and continue impressing us with his sincerity, talent, and creativity further. 

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