The benefit of KF94 Korean Face Mask

In late January, six months into the new job for Yoo Yoon-sook, the coronavirus exploded in South Korea. She had just moved from Seoul, where she worked three decades at the same pharmacy in the city of Incheon near the international airport, to open Hankyeol (“Steadfast”) Pharmacy. Ms Yoo hadn’t ever felt a quarter around her new drugstore “Until all that occurred,” she told me. It has always been coronavirus.

History of KF94 mask:

Incheon started selling out KF-94 Face Masks, the American N94 equivalent. Corner shops and major department stores like E-Mart did that. As Koreans learnt about the size and the aggressiveness of Covid-19, the mask with the fabric and structure that proved most successful against the virus could not be found even at excessive online rates. Outside shops, the consumer became furious. One of Incheon’s pharmacies wrote a sign reading, “Masks are liable to punishable criminal law for assaults, abuse and insults on staff.”

This was the degree to which the Central Government wanted to interfere in development and distribution during the ‘face crisis.’ It announced at the end of February that it would buy 50% of the KF-94 Face Masks from some 130 suppliers. The administration, in collaboration with the Korean Pharmacy Association, started shipping the masks at a reduced rate of 1,500, to about 23,000 pharmacies. Well, if you need NF94 Face Mask, then you can contact us on everydayspecial.

Benefits of KF94 Face Masks and its difference from N95

For the reasons most users care for, the gap between N95 and KF94 Face Masks is slight. Similar to the U.S. N95 mask rank, KF94 is Korea philtre’s norm. Such differences between N95 and KF94 are the benefits of KF94 Face Masks.

However, Korean standards are more similar to E.U. standards than U.S. standards in light of the variations between standards. For example,

  • American certification agencies measure salt-particle filtering results, while E.U. and Korea measure salt and paraffin-oil requirements.
  • There are some minor variations between other variables in addition to the 1% filtration variation. N95 masks (“exhalation resistance”) require much easier respiration.
  • The “CO2 clearance,” which prevents CO2 building within the mask, is a test needed for Korean masks. In the other hand, this condition does not extend to N95 masks.
  • Concerns over CO2 aggregation may, however, be overblown. For example, a study revealed that women with N95 masks did not vary in blood oxygen levels, even during mild exercise.
  • Korea needs fitness testing. A fit test is not mandatory for the US N95 certification. That does not mean that people with N95 masks do not conduct fit checks. The U.S. Department for occupational safety (OSHA) needs staff to be screened once a year in some sectors. It is just that appropriate checking is not mandatory to get the N95 sticker from the manufacturer.

We need to avoid looking at the masks as a sign of plague to endure this pandemic and to see them as mutual compassion, respect and thank you. Choi Gwi-ok, a pharmacist from northern Seoul, says “the Koreans wear masks to shield themselves from illness, but, most importantly, to show public affection to other people.”

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