With so many options and products on the market today to wash your vehicle

# of ways to wash your car

With so many options and products on the market today to wash your vehicle. It can really be a hard decision on what to use, and how to do it. When you want your car to look its best, that will allow you to feel your best in it. It might not be so easy to find and to use the right products nowadays. Becuase, there are great ones on the market and not so great ones, just like anything else being marketed and sold. Shine Armor is the best and certainly better than the rest! The products by this brand are so impressive and available at a reasonable price point. 

Waterless wash is a genius product that is available for your car and or truck. Shine Armor has this and your car will come out so brilliant! It is a product that you will absolutely love and enjoy. 

There are many steps and ways to wash so that is what this article is going to get into next. Prior to using Shine Armor’s waterless wash it might be a good idea to start with a water wash. This will get your car to a place of cleanliness to get the best waterless wash results. Once you do this then utilizing the waterless wash regularly going forward works like a charm, minus the standard water washes. Unless your vehicle is super dirty at some point with road grit, grim, and mud all over it. Then, in that case it’s important to do a full water wash and then at that point you can go back to the waterless wash using it as often as needed. 

When doing a standard wash here follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a dry cool place in the shade and park that baby, this is a good place to start. 
  1. Get two buckets and fill one with the soapy car wash solution and one with only clean water for rinsing out your wash towels.
  1. Use the hose and or pressure washer and rinse your vehicle really thoro, so it is wet and the heavy mud and dirt rinses. Be sure and start from the top down and out and spray out the wheel wells, front grill and rear. Try and get as much soot and dirt off the undercarriage areas as possible. 
  1. Start washing your car with soap solution, starting at the top of the vehicle roof then window, then the hood and trunk and down the side panels. Followed by the front and rear bumper areas then rims, wheels and tires.
  1. Rinse a lot during the wash to keep it clean and spot free. Rinsing often is critical to cleaning the car during a hand wash with a soapy towel or sponge

  1. After soaping the whole car up and scrubbing it down from top to bottom and front to back, rinse the entire vehicle and be very thoro about rinsing it well.
  2. Use a shammy to dry your car including all areas not just the painted parts. Use the shammy to dry and wipe off the windows as well. Wipe the entire car well and rinse out your shammy often during this process. 

Now you can utilize the waterless car wash as much as needed. Now you have a clean base to start with to use and enjoy this product. Use waterless wash the same way spraying the roof and wiping thoro, maybe go back and wipe again if you see any hazy areas. Then work down the car, the windows, then the hood and truck. Followed by the side panels then front end, followed by rear end of the vehicle. You can waterless wash your car as much as you want and it will shine with brilliance and beauty. The only rule being if your car accumulates a lot of heavy mud and dirt at some point beyond the basic wash then repeat steps 1 thru 7. That will allow you to easily go back to a simple waterless wash cleaning and process. Followed by adding the ceramic coat product by Shine Armor. 

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