New ‘nakd.’ Deodorant Line Launches with Vasarii Changing the Way We Use Deodorant

The new normal of deodorants is coming on the horizon as Vasarii launches its deodorant line titled ‘nakd.’ meant to change the way deodorant feels and works for people all across the globe. With climate change on many people’s minds and this revolutionary movement surrounding the idea of eco-friendly everything, nakd fits right into the mold as a proud member of the chemical-free family in the personal care world. Other deodorant brands often use countless chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes and are prone to causing irritation of the skin thanks to all of these things listed above. nakd., however, does no such thing; based on a practice of using deodorizing stones in Thailand to combat body odor, nakd. is composed of crystallized potassium alum, a form of natural mineral salt that not only is good for fighting B.O. but is also much better for your skin.

            nakd. seeks to give everyone the chance to better combat body odor by attacking the problem directly instead of masking the odor using artificial fragrances prone to causing allergy attacks and are overall not quite as good for the body. nakd. works best after a shower, where users will apply it to help prevent body odor from becoming a problem rather than masking it as an existing problem until the fragrance wears off. This works expertly with nakd. as it has a lasting effect of 24 hours, meaning a once-per-day application is a perfect way to do in your morning routine with ease. nakd. isn’t just better for your body though, thanks to the complete removal of dyes, your clothes are more likely to avoid stains thanks to your deodorant. Regular deodorant sticks can leave stains on clothes thanks to their dyes; however, nakd. will offer no such problem.

            nakd. is also an ideal choice for anyone looking to be able to deodorize on the go as they offer a travel size that fits nicely into a carry-on bag. Thanks to the small size, it’s easily stored. It can travel anywhere with you, so you don’t have to sacrifice using it while away on business or on vacation, and thanks to the quality control of Vasarii being done directly hands-on, the nakd. deodorant stick has proven to be a long-lasting solution as it can handle daily usage for up to an entire year making it a far more long-term personal care product than most other deodorants that are on the market today.

            As with all Vasarii products, nakd. is also eco-friendly and completely cruelty-free, using only natural ingredients and being hand-checked for quality by the in-house employees of Vasarii. nakd. uses only natural ingredients and cuts out all the chemicals and animal products to make a cleaner, safer, and friendlier product. The future of personal care products looks to be much greener, and thankfully nakd is an excellent choice for just that future. For more information on the nakd. deodorant, product check out their website.

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