Life coach Kemal Üres has important advice for all the youngsters

The potential growth of the coaching industry has witnessed an upward trend which has opened doors for many life coaches. Coaching has been a rewarding career where coaches and mentors work in tandem to help their clients in achieving their goals. In this developmental process of coaching, even the mentors learn and unlearn several things about themselves. To begin this career, certification is what counts the most. With formal training in commercial education, Kemal Üres is a trained hotel expert and a coach specialized in Change Management. Through his expertise in coaching, he has been influencing the lives of many people by helping them grow on different levels. 

The life coach through his motivational speeches has empowered several budding entrepreneurs. Self-care has been of utmost importance for him and Kemal believes that one must develop from within rather than focusing on the external development. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany, he is a serial entrepreneur who has made his investments in different sectors of the business. Even during his development programs, Kemal has emphasized that stepping out of the comfort zone is the first step towards success. Becoming a coach was itself a challenge for the 43-year old entrepreneur as many were not sure about the potential growth of the coaching industry.  

Giving the best advice to the youngsters, Üres said, “Do what your heart says. Don’t follow what people have to say. Always remember that you know what you want to do. Sometimes all you want is to hear it from someone else. Be focused on your aim and give your 100 per cent. I assure nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.” With a positive and optimistic approach, the entrepreneur has helped many young talents prosper on a personal and professional level. In his life, he has gone through a lot of ups and downs as he had become prey to depression. The attitude of never giving up did not stop him and today Mr Üres has brought a wave of change in the lives of many people across Germany. 

Besides being a coach and motivational speaker, Kemal Üres is an investor who has made some smart investments. He says, “Invest in what gives you better returns. Understand the market first before making any investments.” Moreover, his investment in the food industry has helped him grow as a successful entrepreneur and his eatery ‘Daily You’ is one of the best places in Germany to have some wonderful food. He is currently planning to expand the food chain and is also keen on investing in the real-estate sector once the market picks up. Amidst the pandemic, Mr Üres has penned down a book which will mostly be released by mid-2021.

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