Is Music The Key to a Successful Slot Game?

Music has been a key aspect of popular culture for thousands of years. The discovery of items such as the Divje Babe Flute suggests that early man in the prehistoric period played music, and the first piece of music ‘put to paper’ – a religious hymn written in cuneiform – can be traced back to around 800 BCE. Music, therefore, predates any other form of entertainment that exists today, and the importance of it has been shown in the way it has been integrated into popular culture. Slot games have evolved in the modern age to include a variety of elements, and some would argue that having good music or a catchy soundtrack is now key to making a successful offering.

Music Plays a Huge Role in the Entertainment Industry

Try and think of a film or TV series that didn’t include any music. You’d be hard-pushed to come up with one, as soundtracks are an integral part of these visual forms of entertainment. One of the most notable films to have no score was No Country For Old Men in 2007, which is considered by many to be the best Coen Brothers offering. However, some would argue that it could have been made even better with the inclusion of an appropriate soundtrack.

Trailer for No Country For Old Men.

For a lot of works of fiction in the entertainment industry, the music that has gone with it has given it that extra edge and made it all the more engaging. People watching Game of Thrones for the first time may find the title music to be too long and overdone. But by the seventh season of the HBO fantasy it ends up becoming one of their favourite parts and they get goosebumps when it comes on.

Similarly, the score has enhanced certain films tenfold, with some of the most epic soundtracks written by Hans Zimmer. The German’s most iconic and memorable pieces were in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and a number of Christopher Nolan films including Inception and The Dark Knight.  

What Makes a Successful Slot Game?

There are many factors that contribute to making a successful slot game, and this list changes over time as the games continue to evolve. Slots represent one of the most progressive genres in the online casino industry, with the early games of one hundred years ago virtually unrecognisable compared to the hi-tech offerings found on the internet today.

Ten years ago, simply having an interesting theme may have been enough to make a slot game successful. However, the slots of today all have unique and diverse themes, meaning that this aspect is now seen as a given. Similarly, games in the recent past that were able to offer a greater number of pay lines were hugely successful, but this has also now become the norm.

Looking at some of the most successful slots of recent memory could give an indication about what is currently required to become one of the most-played games in the genre. Developers need to examine what makes these games the most popular ones and think of ways to replicate them. Sometimes they look to series that are trending and use these as a theme, with Narcos being a recent example of this. Other times, developers base their games on world-famous and revered films like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nostalgic themes have also been prevalent in recent times, with options like Fruit Blast.

One theme that is emerging as a particularly popular option is slots based on world-famous music acts. NetEnt is leading the way with this, thanks to the overwhelming success of its NetEnt Rocks series. This includes a Guns N’ Roses game, a Jimi Hendrix title, and a Motorhead offering. These games, which are among the best slot machines to play at online casinos, are leading a new trend in the industry in which developers are realising just how effective adding iconic music to slots can be.

Why is The Music/Soundtrack so Important for a Slot Game?

One of the reasons why music has proven to be such an important facet of slots is that it adds another element to the game and can stir up different emotions in players. A Guns N’ Roses fan could turn on Appetite for Destruction and simply sit there listening to some of the most legendary tracks ever recorded, or they could log on to an online casino and enjoy these rip-roaring epics while spinning the reels at the same time. When playing the NetEnt slot, players can listen to Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, and Chinese Democracy. This variety means that they are unlikely to get bored.

Trailer for NetEnt’s Guns N’ Roses slot.

The slot machine can also serve to introduce players to music they may not have discovered otherwise. Guns N’ Roses were a huge act in the late 1980s and early 1990s but, after the main group split in 1996, they disappeared into the wilderness for a number of years. However, the California rockers recently got back together in 2015, and embarked on a massive worldwide tour. The slot machine could have helped some players learn about GNR who were too young to enjoy the band’s previous success.  

Music isn’t just important on these musical-themed slots, it is a much-needed facet of pretty much any online slot on the market now. The reel-spinning games are usually accompanied with some kind of soundtrack, usually one that reflects the theme of the game. For example, horror games have a gothic soundtrack, while fantasy games can include bold and powerful tunes. The key for developers is to create something that is going to get stuck in players’ heads. This, in turn, will have them thinking about the game again and could influence their decision to return to playing it.

There is no doubt that music can elevate the entertainment industry in films, television, or games. Rather than detract from the content seen on screen, it adds another dimension and makes it all the more pleasurable. Musical slots are now on the rise because of this, and a catchy soundtrack has become an essential element of the online casino games.

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