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In United Kingdom, Edinburgh is prominent city and capital of Scotland. In Edinburgh, famous university exists with all sorts of accommodation for students like housing, flats and halls. In Edinburgh, there is lot of affordable student accommodation available. In the city, there are various universities where students appear from all over world. So, the necessity of student accommodation is in appreciable amount. Edinburgh University is in rank as 4th in UK in respect of research and other related studies. In respect of student learning experience, rating is high. The number of students was nearly 44,000 in 2011 and the number is in the rising mode. So, it is obvious that requirement of student housing Edinburgh is quite high.

Requirement of student housing

 It is quite great job to find ideal accommodation for students. The location has to be identified as to be easy accessible to public transport to university. The strategy of renting of houses in Edinburgh has been changed. The new buildings are utilized for student housing Edinburgh. The Councilemphasizes on the contribution of higher education towards economy of the city. It has been revealed in 2011 census that nearly 12 % of Edinburgh population is consisting of students. The strength of economy is also important with related to strength of students. During passing of plans of buildings with purpose of student accommodation, priority is provided by the Council. The emphasis is provided on future student strength options. After the needs of student housing Edinburgh, the rest options are offered for needs of general housing. The Council in Edinburgh creates the importance of higher education in the city by offering priority to student accommodation.

The Concentration of students

The Higher studies of Statistics Agency reveal that there is increase of 26% of students in Council area comprising of three Universities including Edinburgh University. The enhancement of number of students does not directly translate into purpose built housing for students. They may feel comfortable in alternative rented flat or home for accommodation. It has been decided that it is preferred to offer student housing Edinburgh to reduce antisocial activities in community. The needs ofstudentaccommodation will be filled up by purpose built student housing. The rest of the needs will be filled up by other housing requirements. These guidelines are applied by Council of Edinburgh for construction of housing in the city.

How to select student accommodation

The Council recognizes the importance of higher education in the city. The universities in Edinburgh are the key factors in building of strength of economy in the city. So, student housing Edinburgh is of primary importance in the city. Student accommodation may be defined as primary residence offered in commercial terms. The students can easily find accommodation near the university and they can avail the classes within walking distance from residence. In this way, they can be comfortable without getting in the transport system. The transport cost also will be saved in availing accommodation near university.

Nature of student accommodation

The students can easily avail all information in the portals of housing accommodation. They can easily have virtual tour with the images of the accommodation and can select the housing as per images and facilities. Edinburgh is stunning historical city.  Student housing Edinburgh is spread in wide nature across the city. It is ten minutes walking distance from Edinburgh‘s old town, the beautiful view of public park, the meadows can be overviewed from student accommodation. Student hall is located in the heart of historical city of Edinburgh. The city is with modern trend with old heritage culture. The night clubs entertainment also exists here.

Various categories of student accommodation

The city offers wide nature of Student housing Edinburgh. The students can accept studioapartments, shared apartments and en-suite bedrooms. The accommodation will be available within walking distance from Universities. If the students are not allowed with accommodation by Universities, then the students have to take private house or shared apartment. The acceptance of type of accommodation can be decided by students on the basis of comfort. The cost of renting private house is also important factor. The student should be aware of all type of accommodation available before reaching Edinburgh. Online booking is also possible before appearing the university. But, students should keep themselves updated about impact of Covid 19, in housing establishments.

Security deposit

To avail private renting accommodation in Edinburgh, the students have to pay some security deposit. This is against some related issues as follows:

  • any unpaid bills
  • any damage to the property
  • any portion left in unclean condition

So, private renting of Student housing Edinburg canbe available against security deposit. If there is no such issue, then it is expected that the security deposit will be returned during leaving the rental property.

Choice of living area

When the students are trying to shift to Edinburgh, they can apply for University accommodation. This type of living will save the students from cheating or dealing problems with owners. This type of living is cheaper rather than private renting. But, if students like to stay in private environment, they can book, studio or private renting with separate room or shared room depending on the choice of student. In every Student housing Edinburg, steps have been taken to protect against Covid 19.


Students can book the private rent before arrival to Edinburgh. It can be started from the day of arrival. But, without experiencing the total facilities and environment, students can accept short term Student housing Edinburg. If the residence is not suitable or any problem arises, they can   easily change the residence. The students should be updated with all information related to University accommodation. The students should collect all related information of ranges of accommodation of university, location, price, catering and so on. If any location with environment and facilities are proper, then the students can shift at University accommodation.  The University offers residential property or rooms at cheaper rates in the market. The University will always support the interest of students.

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