The future of many businesses around the world is at risk

As Restrictions Continue, More and More People Turn Their Second Income into a Primary One

We have yet to grasp the true financial effect of COVID-19, but some experts are already claiming that the virus was disastrous to the world economy for years to come. Even today, they say, in the globalized and virtualized 21st century, the inability to physically go out and purchase goods is what brought nations’ markets to a slowdown.

Or has it? Another way to look at the situation is portrayed by other financial experts. They claim that the reason for slowdowns isn’t the inability to purchase physically, but rather the fact that people were not ready for such a complex situation. In other words, more digitalization and a greater shift to the online world would have prevented economic crises. That may be good news, because it means that even now it’s not too late for people to get themselves out of the financial mud. All they need to do is shift their income sources to the internet – work from home.

In that sense, we can see that the revolution has already started. More and more people are looking for – and finding – ways to make money on the World Wide Web. And the most interesting fact is that a lot of these people were already making some sort of second income online, and the situation brought them to a conclusion that what used to be “some pocket money” must become their main income in order to survive financially.

But wait, there’s a risk

To be honest, people were scratching their heads about how to make some cash on the internet almost ever since the day it was invented. Today, there are so many ways to do so and the potential is huge – but so is the risk. That’s why it is very important, especially in the circumstances we described above, to be careful who you work with when you do digital business.

There are all types of work you can do online: Freelance work, trading and commerce, digital marketing and more. You can even open a business online today. The dangers, though, remain the same. A digital world with no barriers and little rules is a very inviting playground to all sorts of thieves and crooks. And the worst part? They keep finding ways to reinvent themselves, making them and their methods harder to outsmart.

You can’t really know who you’re doing business with online, can you?

The big disadvantage of the internet is quite obvious: It is much harder to figure out who is sitting in front of the other computer screen and doing business with you. People can fake their identities online and tracing them down, if they are professional scammers, can be close to impossible. That is why more and more people are choosing secure methods and platforms for online work.

How do you know who to trust?

There’s no thumb rule as to safe internet transactions. There is, however, a need for a good sense of judgment. If something seems too good or easy to be true, it probably is. A promise for fast money is something that seems shaky and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Reading the fine print before closing an online deal is a must, and if there’s no fine print – it means something is being hidden from you.

Another method is to work only with well-known, secure and guaranteed sites. One example we recently stumbled upon is Crystalead, a website that enables you to create and publish an online campaign for a product or service you offer.

Make sure you choose a website you can trust



There’s a reason online income, which used to be a niche, is becoming a main income for many – and it’s not only because of the Coronavirus. Maybe COVID-19 is what made people realize they need to work online, but after the pandemic disappears people will understand that they also should work online. The potential for growth is out there – all you have to do is want it and be wary of the risks.

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