All You Need Know About NAATI Translation Service in Melbourne

NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It is an accreditation body for translators and interpreters who are working in Australia. NAATI is the primary agency in the country that sets the Australian national standards for issuing these accreditations.

NAATI is jointly owned by the Commonwealth, State, and Territory Governments. It has been set up under the constitutional provisions of Australia and is operated by a board that comprises of five directors. Though its head office is located in the capital city of Canberra, NAATI provides its services through various offices that are present in each of the Australian states, its territories, and in New Zealand. 

A translator or an interpreter who would like to pursue a professional career in Australia will need to go through a set of tests that are conducted by NAATI. It is only upon passing these tests are they offered an accreditation.

There are different types of NAATI accreditations that one can pursue. For this purpose, NAATI conducts accreditation tests for four different levels. They are:

  • Paraprofessional Translator or Paraprofessional Interpreter
  • Professional Translator or Professional Interpreter
  • Advanced Translator or Conference Interpreter
  • Advanced (Senior) Translator or Conference (Senior) Interpreter

Among these accreditations, the most common level is that of a Professional Translator. It previously used to be known as level 3. This accreditation denotes the proficiency level for a professional translator with the minimum level of competence required to conduct their language-based work in various sectors that include banking, law, health, and social and community services.

The translators who have been accredited by NAATI can work on documents with specialized content in these sectors. Regardless of the wide range of subjects involved, the translation work done is considered to be legitimate and lawfully acceptable.

NAATI translation services becomes an important requirement when you are in possession of documents that have been issued from a foreign country. If these documents have to be submitted to the Australian Government authorities and tertiary institutions like in Melbourne, then you will be required to use the translation services of a NAATI accredited translator. This is the only way that these documents will be accepted by the authorities.

The documents that are translated most often by a NAATI-accredited translator or translation service provider includes– Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Police Checks, Drivers Licenses, Identification Cards, University Degrees, Divorce Certificates, School Diplomas, Passports and Police Reports. The documents that are submitted for court and legal hearings in Australia also require NAATI certified translation. This is done so that the true legal understanding of the document is not lost during the case hearing.

When you are getting sensitive documents translated, you need to make sure that you are using the services of a capable translator. When you choose a NAATI-certified translator or interpreter, make sure that you review some of their past work. This will help you assess if they can get your translations done without any confusion. Sometimes, though a translator or an interpreter has the accreditation, they may not really by qualified to carry out the job. It is always a better idea to choose a professional translation service like Sylaba Translations in Melbourne to be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the language conversion that is being done.

Unlike independent translators, a professional translation service conducts checks and constantly assesses their work through client feedback. This ensures that the quality of work is never compromised. Even when it comes to pricing, professional translation services Melbourne are much better to deal with rather than freelancers as their rates are much more competitive.

Looking for NAATI Translations in Melbourne?

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