8 health tips you need to start following when you turn 30

Turning 30 can be incredible but also puzzling. Saving for retirement, doing your job, looking after your house, and your family, managing all sorts of tasks, is not so simple. And in juggling all of this together, you often may end up neglecting yourself.

You are entering another decade of your life, which is very important for you and for determining how the rest of your life will be like – health-wise. And so you must follow the following health tips.

Health tip # 1: Eat healthily
This isn’t something that you will hear just in your 30s; it is something that you have probably been listening to ever since you were born.

Since most people spend their 20s partying and eating this and that, you must maintain a healthy diet with the right amount of nutrients your body needs, especially now. Trust me; it will go a long way.

But that doesn’t mean that you start dieting and force yourself to starve. Instead, explore healthy foods that you enjoy eating.

  • Include fiber and antioxidants in your diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Use fresh ingredients to prepare your meals. They are better than processed foods as they are higher in nutrients and lower in calories.
  • Increase your calcium intake to strengthen your bones by consuming dairy products and green veggies.
  • Limit the fat intake.

And remember, eat three times a day and don’t eat up your kid’s leftover food!

Health tip # 2: Don’t skip and eat on time!
Along with eating healthy, it is essential that you eat on time and not skip any meal. You must have noticed that you often skip your breakfast if you are running late for a meeting or busy helping your kids get ready for school, or skip lunch as you do your work and have a little snack in replacement of it.

Experts have explained that when you don’t eat when you are hungry, your body can run through its blood glucose stores, increasing hunger hormone ghrelin production and ramping up your appetite. You’ll end up gaining more weight.

As explained in the point above, eating healthy and eating on time and not skipping is just as important.

Health tip # 3: Stay active
Working out and staying active is essential for your body. In your 30s, gaining weight is easy, but losing it is challenging.

Even though we all know and understand the benefits of exercising for us and sometimes get motivated enough to do so, it doesn’t mean that we do it. It is easy to end up losing motivation and sitting the day away. So what to do?

You can select any activity that you like – swimming, aerobics, jogging, etc. and start with it. You can explore more workout variations and find your favorite one! Try taking out time to exercise at least every week.

Getting on a vitamin and supplement regimen can also help with specific health challenges or increase your well being overall. Liquid supplement manufacturing has become one of the fastest growing delivery forms for dietary supplementation because of it’s ease of delivery, fast absorption and tasty formulas. There are many great brands selling a wide variety of liquid vitamins such as Wise Woman Herbals, Doterra, Energetix and more.

You can also go for a brisk walk, play sports and do a cardio workout to keep that body in shape and active!

Health tip # 4: Go for regular check-ups
Make going for a regular check-up a habit of yours in your 30s. Even if you think and feel you are healthy, there is no harm in going and getting yourself checked to be sure.

Some people have infections or diseases that do not show symptoms, and you can be living your life without knowing. So, going for a check-up seems like a good idea now, doesn’t it?

Choose a day and go for a regular check-up once every year.

Health tip # 5: Relax and self-care
Getting so caught up in your life could lead to forgetting to take time out for yourself. Always putting everyone else’s needs before yours and having a jam-packed schedule can put your mental and physical health on stake.

Stress can lead to serious health issues and is responsible for around 77% of all illnesses. As you grow older and face new things, stress and anxiety start to become a substantial issue. It isn’t only mental; it will lead to physical illnesses as well.

Take time out for yourself, do what you love, away from all the stress, and learn how to manage your stress and anxiety.

Health tip # 6: Maintain good friendships
Like the point above, maintaining friendships and talking them by taking out time from your busy schedule can boost your mental health. Your 30s can be tough with all the things you already have in your hands, but having a few SUPPORTIVE friends is always good.

Obviously, it’s crucial that you have a good company. You may have heard this before – your company matters.

Health tip # 7: Get enough sleep
Ensure you are sleeping well and getting around seven to nine hours of sleep each night without taking extra medications. Not only is this necessary for good health, but it will also help you look fresh and free from dark circles, etc.

Health tip # 8: Wake up early
Waking up early in the morning is an excellent way to include positive health habits. You can work out in the morning (very good for you) and plan out the rest of your day and stay energized.

Early risers also eat better throughout the day compared to late risers. This tip is handy in creating discipline and giving you a sense of stability amidst the chaos in our life.

And that’s it!
No matter how hard it gets, follow these tips, and assure yourself a better and healthier lifestyle and a smooth transition into the rest of your years to come.



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