5 essential techniques to keep your shoes clean and protected

Shoes are the reflectors of your personality. Whenever you are going for an interview or a presentation, your proper dressing will be counted as zero if your shoes were not clean or match your dress code. The state of your shoes is one thing that leave a great impact on others. It’s always best to take proper care to keep them new but it’s not always an easy task to keep your shoes clean and protected. Weather can affect shoes badly that are made of leather. Properly storing them can save them from weather effects.

Here are five essential techniques to keep your shoes clean and protected.

Protecting shoes from moisture:

Properly storing your shoes can save them from moisture. Moisture can produce bacteria in your shoes, which can break shoe material and tear them up. To protect your shoes from moisture, use silica pouches that keep your shoes dry. Another way to keep them moisture-free fills them with newspaper and changes these newspapers every week. Keeping them in a place with air flow is another option to prevent moisture and odor build-up.

Protecting them from dust:

Cover your shoes with a fabric sheet or store them in fabric bags. Plastic bags can keep your shoes away from dust. If you don’t keep your shoes protected from dust, then your shoes will lose their original color, and they start looking old. To keep your shoes new, you need to polish and clean them daily or after a week. This will help you to keep your shoe’s original color. Some companies also use clear shoe boxes that look beautiful and also protect them from dust. Transparent sneaker boxes are an essential in any hypebeast’s sneaker closet, so you can easily find your pair of shoes from your collection.

Maintain the shape:

Storing shoes in the wrong way can affect the shape of your shoes. If you store shoes without filling them with old clothes or paper, they can change their natural shape and texture. The best way to keep your shoes in original shape and design is to use shoe trees and place them on the shoe display wall. It also keeps your shoe moisture-free.

Avoid plastic bags:

Never store your shoes in plastic or even in cardboard shoe storage containers. It is the worst way to store your shoes because proper air circulation is needed to make them feel fresh. Storing them in plastic bags can make them stink. Always store your shoes in bags made of fabric. Stackable shoe boxes that are made of plastic, but air can pass from them. These boxes are designed as front drop sneaker box or front open shoebox. So, you can easily find your sneakers or shoes without opening the boxes. Solestax stackable shoe boxes are known as the best shoe storage boxes. Many people store their sneakers in a huge stack of these boxes, keeping them on display.

Protecting white shoes or sneakers:

White shoes are in trend; both men and women love wearing white shoes or sneakers. But white shoes get dirty easily, so they need extra care and protection. To keep them shine like new, dip them in water mixed with a dishwasher. This will remove all the stains and clean them as new.

Cleaning and caring methods of different shoes material

There are different materials that are used in the manufacturing and designing of shoes, such as leather, foam, rubber, synthetics, fabric, textile, and many more. When you are going to clean your shoes, you must know the techniques and nature of the material first.

Leather is a supple, sturdy, durable, and flexible material. Therefore, you need to avoid using water in the cleaning of leather shoes. It shrinks leather, so; you need to keep it dry as long as you can. Use a microfiber towel or a soft brush to wipe debris and dirt. Polish them regularly to get its shine.

Rubber, foam, and textile shoes are very easy to clean and maintain. You can even wash these shoes, but it is better you scrub them with your cleaning solution that can be a mixture of laundry detergent and baking soda. Clean your shoes with the brush and scrub it in a circular motion. This is the most suitable way to remove grime and dirt. Now, polish your shoes carefully because these materials soak the polish so, you need to remove the extra polish with a clean and fresh cloth.

Enjoy the longevity of your shoes by using these cleaning tips because every material needs special and different care from the other one.

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