Poppymoon Drops a Groovy Pop-Rock Single “Wanna Play That Game?”

Melodic variation and nuance of beats, Poppmoon drops their single “Wanna Play That Game?” this hip new age pop-rock band, just kicked off and they kicked off with major ear candy.

This contemporary pop-rock song is the perfect listening experience during these Covid-19 troubled times. The young new era of the 2020s, creating a sound that’s dark but groovy as hell. The pop duo’s artistic roots can easily be heard in their first single “Wanna Play That Game?”.

This radio-ready, late-night beat is perfect for the times you need to self reflect and chill. Grab those drinks, relax, and let go.

It is not often we come across a band that drops a first single so captivating, and enchanting that triggers the listener to play the song on repeat. They are certainly in for the long run.

Poppymoon - Wanna Play that Game? (Audio)

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