Musician, Actor, and Songwriter, Scooter Page, built his career off of genre-bending music and spiritual connection

Scooter Page is more than a musician. In fact, he started his career with roles in classic 90’s films, is an experienced dancer, and a soon to be an author with a novel currently in the works. His music isn’t simply pop, or rock, dance, or soul but rather a fusion that pushes the boundaries of genres to create a unique body of work referencing such diverse artists as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Jack White, Marvin Gay, Eminem, Fall Out Boy and Aerosmith to name a few. Whether released under the pseudonym Jesic, which was used from 1999-2011, or Scooter Page, his music has only ever been limited by his imagination, starting his writing process with an openness to spiritual connection and following his instincts from there. 

Page was born on December 3, 1976, in San Pedro, California. While attending Dodson Middle School, he was cast in his first role in a major motion picture, Disney’s Newsies (1992). Since then, Page has become best known for his role as Daren in 3 Ninjas (1992), and it’s sequel 3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994), as well as roles in Peaceful Warrior (2006), and National Lampoon’s Endless Bummer (2009). As well as being featured on the big screen, Page has made many appearances on TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, and Bones to name a few. Page has proven his performance expertise by acting but also by being a featured dancer on multiple projects including with Will Smith at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, then again with Smith at the Wango Tango concert held at Dodger Stadium later that year. He was also featured in several music videos, such as Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria” (1999), Billy Crawford’s “Mary Lopez” (1999), and Nobody’s Angel’s “Wanna Dance” (1999). From the start of his career, Page has worked alongside many well-known actors, including Christian Bale and Aaron Paul. While portraying the character Blaine on HBO’s Wishcraft, Page was introduced to co-star Meatloaf, and the theatrical rock star soon became a mentor of knowledge that helped guide Page through his two-decade-long career in the entertainment industry.

In 1999, Page released his first album, Point In Time. He opted to use the pseudonym Jesic, a contraction of Jesus and music, to more clearly convey the uplifting, Christian-based lyrics of the R&B/pop music he was making at that time. Shortly after the release of his first album, Page went on to release his second studio EP, 4 Now 6 Later, which was independently released in 2002. The years following saw Page take a break from music to focus on acting and other projects, until 2011 when he released the last music project under the pseudonym Jesic, Here2Hear. 

Along with the change in name came a change in sound. Evolution to Better Days, in 2014, was the first official release as Scooter Page and featured a sonic shift towards a more pop/rock sound and lyrics inspired by personal experiences, distanced from Christian influence and focusing on spirituality and connection. The album was recorded at Hemispheres Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and co-produced by James Lugo, known for his work as an engineer for Smashing Pumpkins, Snoop Dogg, and Bruce Springsteen. “I Miss Home (Not),” the album’s first single was distributed by Universal Music Group and released under the TMG/LRT label, and featured on Vevo Video. This was followed by4224 in 2019. 

As Page’s artistry has grown, it’s clear he’s become more confident in his own sound, even if it means breaking genre norms. If you must put a label on his music it would be considered alternative pop/rock/soul with a dance appeal, a combination of genres that are expansive in their own right, running deep with history and references. When Page starts his writing process he is able to pull inspiration from those genres as well as the music he’s listened to since he was a kid including R&B, hip hop, rock, and dance to create a sound that is uniquely his own. Maybe even more influential to his sound than his musical inspirations, his spiritual connection is the foundation of his music. Page creates like he lives, leading with kindness and never losing sight of the greater good. 

In 2016, Page formed Marbleized Corporation, a production company created to take control of his career by managing his various musical, film, and TV projects. This organization will be helpful as Page steps into yet another realm of the entertainment industry with his first novel, The Longshore Entertainer, a fictional story inspired by his own experiences as a dock worker and an entertainer that seeks to juxtapose the two contrasting livelihoods. 

Looking back on Page’s career, it’s hard not to be impressed by the consistent artistic growth displayed in each of his projects, no matter the form they may take. It would be impossible to try to predict Page’s next move as his career has taken him in so many different directions. One thing is certain though, whatever project comes next will feature Page’s personalized stamp of creativity and showcase an even deeper understanding of his own artistry as well as the world around him.

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