Interview With Domi And Frida (Weloveourlife)

Hi, How are you? Tell us about yourself?

We are Domi and Frida, an Italian couple who fell in love in 2006. We met when we were in high school. Domi was 16 years old and I was 14 years old, and it was love at first sight! After high school, we graduated Domi in Pharmacy and me in Architecture. So, we started working in our own fields of work. Even in the busiest moments, we’ve never given up our passion for traveling and studying and learning new cultures of the world. In addition to this, we have discovered a great interest in photography and in creating a travel album during our trips.

How did you come up with an idea of a travelling brand?

Basically, because traveling is our passion even more than photography and sushi. We love pizza as well! For this reason, we started our adventures, conquering and discovering the world one short trip at a time. Our initial trips brought us to Positano, Zakynthos, Venice, Mykonos, Milan, and Paris. So in 2017, we created our official couple Instagram profile @weloveourlife with the purpose of keeping our friends and family updated on our travels, and sharing our experiences around the world through photos and videos.

What are your plans for your brand and your love life?

Regarding our brand we were so happy to have reached 500k followers, half a million on Instagram. It was a great milestone in this 2020 for us. We also have our Youtube channel where we publish our travel vlogs telling our adventures. However sharing all our experiences on Instagram and on our Youtube channel was not enough for us, so we opened our blog this year. Our goal is to use our influential platforms to share more than just travel tips. So we work every day to create content on our platforms for our loyal audience but also for those who have recently been following our adventures. 

Regarding our future plans as a couple, we have nothing as exciting in mind for the next few years as marriage or children. Of course we will get married someday (wow) and want lots of kids, but we’re not ready for that yet.

How did you come with the name weloveourlife?

It was easy to choose this name of our brand because it really reflects our mood. We initially thought of something that concerned us deeply. So when we think of the two of us we think not of two separate lives but rather of a life together. We set about creating a life that would allow us doing what we love while have a positive impact on the world. We love to spend everyday together. We love our life. So @weloveourlife was born.

Any advice for the couples?

We receive many messages from couples from all over the world who love our photos, our content and see us as inspirations for their travels and life. We are very grateful for this, to be able to inspire people with what we share on our platforms. However, we consider ourselves two very common people who work every day to pursue our dreams. This is why you should never give up, especially as a couple. Because two people can do much more than a single person in work as in life, especially if they love each other.

What is your point of view about COVID-19?

Covid-19 has definitely changed our every life habit in recent months. Like us, the entire world of work has suffered losses from this pandemic. For this reason we have decided to promote some activities and brands through our social platforms. In this way we help the local economy in this sad time. Additionally, we use our platforms to share what travel looks like in a post-COVID world, informing and inspiring others on the future of travel.

Tell us more about weloveourlife?

Since 2017 we have grown a life together filled with sensational travel destinations and lifestyle tips. Over the years we have learned many lessons about life, love, travel and we’ve grown a lot because of these lessons. We created We Love Our Life to inspire you to do the same and help you through what ever that process looks like for you.

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