How Entrepreneur Ildiko Ferenczi Juggles Lights, Cameras, Businesses and Babies: Listen to the Tell-All Podcast!

Growing up in a hard-working family, it seems as if Ildiko Ferenczi’s pursuit in the business world was inevitable. Now, she is the founder of Billionaire Collectables and host of the Pretty and Punk Podcast. Right after she was born, her mother brought her back to their family shop, and continued to work. Life in Europe was good, but hard. At 19, her mother decided to leave everything behind to pursue a better life for her family in Canada. 

“My father and mother did really well in Canada. We were finally comfortable and could afford the things we dreamt about, but with so much focus on business, sadly the marriage crumbled, and our family broke. When I turned 3, my brother and I were along with my mother for the ride to start from scratch again. She prayed for signs of guidance on what to do to support two little ones solo. And the ideas came,” Ildiko says.

She watched her mother sell her most loved possessions, opening an antique shop to put food on the table for her children. And even at their young age, Ildiko and her brother did what they could to support their mother, even using their weekends to “treasure-hunt” for items to sell at the shop at garage and estate sales. 

The next few years were storied with tragedy and accomplishments, all culminating to where Ildiko is today, a proud mother of two MIRACLE BABIES of her own, and happily married to her husband. After watching a documentary together, they came up with the idea that blossomed into the BUSINESS Billionaire Collectibles

“We discussed how powerful the words you speak over yourself are… how powerful the words you speak over your children are. We remembered how quotes by entrepreneurs lifted and inspired us through the low parts of our lives and businesses. The pieces we create are meant to be an investment in more ways than one. We knew we were onto something when we were interviewed after the sale of a Steve Jobs piece, and museums were contacting us to purchase pieces LIKE  AN IMPORTANT 1864 CIVIL WAR LETTER FROM ABRAHAM LINCOLN FRAMED WITH HIS QUOTE “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, OR OUR 1908 NIKOLA TESLA LETTER, to hang in their galleries,” Ildiko recalls. 

In addition we’ve been blessed with an unexpected demand during quarantine, with clients looking to add an inspiring backdrop to their zoom and virtual business meetings.  The ultimate conversation piece.

After the birth of her second MIRACLE child, which led to unexpected DEVASTATING health NEWS AND challenges, Ildiko was still receiving multiple messages from parents in similar situations, stunned on how her family was still so picture-perfect. She and her husband were constantly being asked for advice, so the next natural step was to start a podcast to share their secrets, and to interview other HIGH PROFILE BUSINESS couples that had advice and insights to share. 

“Even though we had our own challenges with illness in the family and other obstacles we agreed that the timing was perfect to launch the business podcast with a twist. Half of our rolodex now had kids, and they all looked like they were killing it – successfully building businesses, gracefully handling obstacles they faced as a team!” Ildiko says. 

Having so many connections to FAMOUS BUSINESS couples with knowledge to share with the world, Ildiko and her husband knew it was the right time to start a podcast. 

“The timing for the podcast couldn’t be better to help entrepreneurs on their journey. While marriages are crumbling, we know the world needs to know how the couples we feature are still going so strong. Everyone has their own secret recipe and hacks, and it’s so valuable to our audience where we can take what works for us and get the hope and inspiration we all need when the juggle gets complicated,” Ildiko explains. 

Even through the pandemic, the podcast has seen monumental support from listeners looking to learn insider secrets. Listeners are able to get an inside view into Ildiko and her husband’s journey as a couple, parents, and entrepreneurs. The raw and real look is valuable for any entrepreneur with kids, or thinking about having kids, who wants to find the balance AND INSPIRATION they need in life between business and family. 

“We are so excited to finally open up our impressive Rolodex of the greatest entrepreneurs we all admire and respect to share the most valuable advice ever heard sharing their beautiful and crazy juggle as entrepreneurs, spouses, and parents,” says Ildiko. 

Be sure to follow Ildiko and her family on her Instagram page, check out Billionaire Collectibles, and listen to new episodes of the Pretty and Punk Podcast

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