Born to a Hero, Regina A. Johnson is Working to Create a Better World

Not all heroes wear capes – people around this world take inspiration from those around them, family members, friends, or celebrities; these are the true heroes. The one who inspires the other to be a better version of themselves, makes them see the world from a different perspective, instills hope in their hearts, and motivates them to achieve their life goals, they are the ones that need to be given the title of ‘hero.’

Regina A. Johnson, a Brazilian-born public speaker, author, life coach, and the owner of EOJ Publishing, was born to a super-mom, Maria. While the world looks for inspiration out in the world, Regina found it in her birth home in the face of her mother. “My mother (I know it may sound cheesy) is my hero. She raised my two brothers and me with unconditional love, understanding, and eternal humor. She taught me strength while accepting emotion. Most of all, she has been my support throughout the good, bad, and ugly of my life,” said Regina when she was asked why her mother was an inspiration for her.

Despite being married to a man with a flirtatious nature, her mother displayed the highest levels of honor and faithfulness. Regina states, “My mother’s dignity and self-respect became a huge part of my personality, and I treasure that gift.” Her mother introduced her to the concept of faith, kindness, encouragement, optimism, and love. Everything she learned from her mother she uses it to take care of her five years old, beautiful daughter, Orlanda Johnson, the Little Doo-Doo.

A Shining Star Brightening up the Lives of People All-Around

Regina’s mother used to call her beautiful daughter as the ‘shining star.’ As she has grown up to be a mother herself, she is playing her part and brightening up her daughter’s life but also of the people that are on the verge of giving up.

Even though she is on her way to self-publish her first-ever children’s book, “Unique- Not Weird!” she has spent more than a decade in individual, couples, group, and family therapy. As a life coach, she has helped her clients deal with grief, abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and eating disorders. In addition to this, Regina is extensively experienced in helping people fight substance abuse problems. She works actively in community mental health and interventions for multicultural populations in an urban setting.

As she spent her early life in a somewhat complicated situation, Regina is well-aware of ways people can build their mental health and come out as stronger versions of themselves. Not only is she a life coach, helping people fight through their life as warriors, but she is also helping little ones develop a better understanding of the world.

Most of her childhood was spent reading, making books a major part of her life. Books served as an escape for her, and she developed most of her worldly concepts through books. Reading was of considerable help to Regina as a child, and she wanted to do the same for her daughter. Even though Orlanda is just five years old, her little mind had a mind full of questions. Answering her little one’s questions, she realized that all kids across the globe needed someone to address their curiosity. It is when she stepped into writing children’s books. The books that she is working on to address the rising curiosity of young minds include “Naval Warship Hidden Treasure,” “Unique –Not Weird,” “A city without walls,” and “Heaven and a Mermaid’s Tale!”

A Mother Before Everything Else

Regina A. Johnson is a mother before everything else. Just like her mother, Regina put her daughter’s needs a priority. While she is doing that, she also realizes that all kids in the world need the kind of nurturing Regina provides to her daughter, which is why she founded Little Doo-Doo. It is a social action & education platform that aims to help children with their mental development. An advocate of reading books, she wants to encourage this practice among all children. She states, “I encourage parents to read with and for their kids at home every day and stay involved in their children’s educational experience.

The platform was envisioned as “a way of inspiring diversity and making a contribution towards the next generation, including Brazilian-Americans and immigrants.” Regina, through this social action and education platform, aims to “create new narratives and avoid assumptions. I want to make others like me known, and I am fearless in introducing myself and others to the rest of the world.

A strong woman raises a strong daughter, and Regina is the perfect example. Raised by a powerful mother, Regina herself is trying to be that for her beloved daughter. She learned the biggest lessons of her life from her mother, and she wants to do the same for not only her daughter but for all children out there. Regina is, indeed, one of those who are working to make this world a better place!

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