5 Google Chome Hacks To Make Your Browsing Experience Easier

Most of us have been using the Internet for ages to do our office work or homework, browse for research purposes, or just for random searches. All of this is possible by using web browsers. Google Chrome is most definitely, the king of web browsers. It is the fastest and most popular browser all around the globe. Chances are, 90% of your readers are reading this on Google Chrome. We, for sure, are using Google Chrome to write this one. Even though we all have been using this amazing browser, but most of us are unaware of its cool tips and tricks that make using it a unique experience. Here, we have compiled some of those handy tricks for you.

1# Setup Multiple Profiles

We all have our data saved on browsers, which we want to remain personal and hidden. But, if you have only one laptop in your family, then that can be a trouble. To make sure your information remains yours, you can set up different profiles for each of your family members. Even if you do not have to share your laptop with anyone else but have your distinct accounts for work purposes, you can make your separate profiles.

2# Quickly Load Webpages

Google Chrome is considered as one of the fastest internet web browsers. It is because of the V8 JavaScript engine that allows it to process webpage quickly. Google Chrome also stores cache and cookies every time you open a web page and store its data and location, so the next time you open that webpage, it will load quicker. But, too much of Chromebook Cache can make your browser slow, so it is essential to clean them regularly. First, open your browser and then click on the three dots located at the far top right corner to clear the cache. Click on ‘Clear browsing data,’ and you are done.

3# Go Incognito

In today’s world, our browsing history is a reflection of us, no kidding, and we want it to remain as private as it possibly can even from the Google Chrome itself. Google Chrome’s incognito tab lets you browse without tracking your information or storing any cookie or cache. So you can safely surf or login into your private accounts. Google Chrome lets you delete your delete all of your data, including cache and cookies, so you would not have to worry about it getting stolen or lost.

4# Learn the Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome settings and features are handy and easy to use. But, when you are short and time or is generally a person who likes to do their work in less time, even if it is just seconds, you need to learn Google Chrome’s few shortcuts.

  • To go on Incognito Mode: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • To open last closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • To open your download page: Ctrl + J
  • To open your saved bookmarks: Ctrl + B
  • To snap your cursor to the search bar: Ctrl + L
  • To clear you browsing history: Ctrl + Shift + Delete

5# The Tab Settings

Multiple tabs are easier to use and navigate as they allow you to do various tasks at the same time. In google chrome, you can easily manage your tabs, such as you can mute a bar if you are getting disturbed by continuous notifications, or you can pin a bar at the top of the search result is important. You can easily jump between the new and previous tabs by using the following command on your Google Chrome browser Ctrl + PgDn (Next open tab) or Ctrl + PgUp (Previous open tab).


These were just the basic tips we have provided you, but don’t be scared to look around your browser if you want to know more. We hope that our hacks for using Google Chrome can make your navigation easy and fun.

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