The Long Awaited K.O. Mason Release “Take That” Is Finally Here

The Long Awaited K.O. Mason Release “Take That” Is Finally Here

For those just getting to know K.O. Mason, they have chosen the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. The upcoming rapper from the East Side of Chicago has just released his long awaited single called “Take That” which is now his first single of 2020.

With K.O. Mason’s fans waiting all year for new music, there seems to be no option but to put out something of high quality. “Take That” brings exactly what his fans have been looking for by bringing high energy and giving it a popular appeal to today’s music industry.

The track starts out with a minor scale piano progression that instantly wakes up the listener and gets them ready for what is to come next. Right after this the ad libs and vocals come in and do not disappoint. With the steady flow and driving beat, it’s a challenge not to bob your head throughout the whole track.

With Chicao seeming to be lacking good music lately, K.O. Mason takes on the challenge and delivers a perfect strike. His first single of the year, “Take That” will develop the exact momentum K.O. Mason needs going into 2021 and will make him the next star from Chicago.

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