Vallyre Blesses The Pop Game With New Music Video For Hit Track “Bloodsweat”

No wonder Boston, Massachusetts-born and based singer-songwriter, pop/dance artist Vallyre‘s fan base grows rapidly. The artist breathes fresh air into the pop genre, mixing it with other genres, experimenting with pop dance rhythms, electro tunes, and even rock sounds. Confidence and professionalism pour out of everything Vallyre does. Her latest release, “Bloodsweat” is on the pick of creative explosion. The artist even produced a 44 seconds long music video for “Bloodsweat” on her own, which is pretty impressive. Her flawless music sense, intuition, and strong, confident vocals capture your entire being completely. Her themes are relevant and relatable. She expresses herself with a sharp straight-forwardness and in an unapologetically honest manner. Her vision is clear, and “Bloodsweat” is the embodiment of that vision. No doubt, we will get more mind-blowing releases from Vallyre, hopefully soon enough. 

Vallyre - Bloodsweat (Official Music Video)

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