TV Aerial Connection in Leicester

Nowadays, TV aerial connection is always a priority in each household. Without it, your television is nothing. You will never enjoy it no matter how new or good your TV set is. A TV aerial connection ensures that the viewer will be able to get the best TV images and is very significant if they need digital signals.

This is one of the many reasons why most households invest in an installation that is of high quality and most of all professionally installed by well-trained engineers. Installing aerial connection is not an easy thing to do. It requires patience and lots of trainings, since it is a very complex workload.

Unlike underground connections, aerial connections needs more tasks to do. Installers climb up on towers and poles to put up a connection. This makes their work a lot more difficult and risky.

Best company in Leicester

In most countries, finding the best installer is never a problem, but to find Aerial installation Leicester, you can rely on a certain company that specializes in the installation of aerial connections.

Homecoms, a family owned company located in Leicester, provides digital TV aerial services not only in Leicester but also in the nearby cities in the area. They offer a 5 year guarantee on every digital installations they yield. As matter of fact, the company is confident and have satisfactory ratings from their customers.

Making the best of it, the company provides installation packages suitable for every household budget. They are competitive on the price and are indestructible when it comes to the quality of the service they provide.

Their installation packages includes are number of offers that each household can choose. With a huge number of cables to choose from, Homecoms offers their customers a TV aerial connection with free view channels, depending on the area.

Whenever requested, they provide extra aerial points that can feed a number of TVs, but with the correct equipment installed.


 Most of the time, relocating a television is a big problem to most households. This is most particular when a household has already an aerial connection installed. But with Homecoms, it was never a problem. They can always extend or relocate any aerial installation point to the location. The give a free survey on it most especially when the customers are loyal to them. They aim to provide the best to their customers giving them peace of mind and a happy place to live in.

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