The Master Of Helping Start Ups Achieve Success, Ariel Morel Wants To Help Your Business Get Off The Ground

Getting your business going is the hardest part of the whole venture. Getting enough capital as well as getting your brand out there is incredibly difficult for many people. The fail rate is incredibly high during this start up phase. Ariel Morel is here to help businesses in the start up phase learn about taxes and other important financial aspects of business all through the power of social media.

“I am a business finance and start up strategist with a proven track record of helping small businesses succeed in probably one of the most important moments of a business “the startup phase” . I am an experienced start up consultant and business finance expert. I am known for making the process of handling business finances and starting your business easy. I work with aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses to help them succeed financially. I help the daunting process of starting a business seem seamless. After spending a decade working in the finance industry helping small businesses and startups, I know what it takes to successfully launch your business and create the proper financial structure to gain access to capital. I always say every business is lendable. It might not be today but definitely tomorrow with the proper guidance.” Ariel states.

Ariel did not start out with a leg up like so many people in the business world. He came from the Dominican Republic and hoped to begin his dream here in the United States. He worked hard to save up enough money to start his first business.

“As the epitome of the American dream, I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the USA at the age of 15 determined to be successful. Without speaking English, I tackled entrepreneurship together with my father. I started selling cars at 16 and I then saved enough money at 21 to start my first official business, an atm company, which I sold at 23 to go back to the Dominican Republic to invest in a cable company. Eventually, wanting to grow more and with a thirst for the American dream, I came back to the United States to start more successful businesses. My biggest obstacle was learning how to navigate the corporate world and learning english at the same time.” Ariel recounts.

Ariel now runs two successful businesses that are here to help others get started with their own companies. Morel Management Group LLC and Ready 2 File LLC are different from other companies because they seek to empower people instead of using them. Ariel focuses on teaching people not to be afraid of their taxes or investments. He is here to help people learn all the ins and outs of homeownership.

“My purpose is to give back to my community and empower them to have access to the information it took me years and thousands of dollars in mistakes to learn. We are currently working on brokering an energy deal between two countries that can help save millions of dollars in renewable energy and help with the environment.” explains Ariel.

Ariel has achieved financial independence and freedom as well as notoriety through his work that he has even been interviewed twice on TV. For him, the ability to achieve financial freedom and not be tethered to the 9 to 5 world is crucial. For those starting their own business, Ariel recommends being passionate about what you want to do!

“For everyone trying to start their own business, my advice is to be passionate about what your business does. If you can’t sell it to yourself, then how can you sell it to a customer? With passion and dedication, the customers will come. Mindset is beyond important. You have to be strong minded and understand that immediate success is very rare. With the right mindset you will persevere the tumultuous times of starting a business.” advises Ariel.

To find out more about Ariel, you can follow him on instagram here. You can check out his websites to get help for your business start up here.

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