Sophie Fay Impresses R&B Fans With Latest EP Handle With Care

If other artists are incapable of pumping life back into R&B, Sophie Fay is ready to fire back. It is obvious from listening to her brand new EP, Handle With Care, that Sophie is not chasing trends and that she is keeping her uniqueness on the highest of levels. This EP perfectly spotlights her skillful flow and her one-of-a-kind singing aura– she’s great at alternating her cadence mid-verse yet never losing her rhythm.

Passionate, meaningful performances and thoughtful songwriting are to be found and deeply enjoyed on Handle With Care. That’s what Sophie Fay has been successfully trying to deliver to her audience while ignoring the mainstream in all possible ways. Her music is honest and emotional. That’s what R&B is supposed to be. And we are glad she is here to show it and prove it with such determination.

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