Rachid El Khabbachi

Rachid El Khabbachi who become the inspiration for other so the Amazon Prime and Netflix fight to write auto-biography on him

Making his dreams come true:

Every day we use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. And we see some successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. We admire them and try to write blogs and articles by ourselves, but we have doubts about our own abilities. So we quit. Everyone wants to be famous, rich and have a luxurious lifestyle. But very few of us dare to face the struggles, tears of sweat, and hard work to earn it. Rachid El Khabbachi, aka JM, an African successful businessman, is the inspiration the youth needs. Rachid started from pieces and buildup a mass audience.

Wandering in Mauritania’s streets, surviving the day with begging and hoping for a better tomorrow, seeing his family struggling for food made him ambitious to achieve a life that everyone wishes for.He started fighting in the streets of Mauritania for the money and then he ruled the street combats.After a long journey of struggle, he became a wise businessman. With this wish and ambition in his heart, he made struggles and became the most popular and accounts with a rapidly growing and loving audience. Now he is one of the most famous personality with 250k+ Instagram followers.

He was not high born. He couldn’t even afford a camera to take good pictures. He just had strong ambitions and intentions to do whatever it takes to become successful. He learned combat sports by wandering in the streets of the city. Start spending hours editing his picture and write the appropriate content to post it. And he made his audience rapidly.

Making struggles to become successful, he took himself out of the poverty and started building his life. He chills and hangs out with famous celebrities as Netflix is trying to make a documentary on his life.

From a street fighter, he became a successful businessman. He started to invest in buying shares of multiple companies. He began to invest in gold diamonds and earn profit and improve his lifestyle. He told the world how to start with nothing and buildup an empire.

Helping the poor:

Knowing what being poor feels like, and with a kind and soft heart, he started helping the poor.  Rachid builds a charity firm to help everyone who needs it. He is trying is best to make sure that no one has to go through the pain he suffered. No one has to feel the burden of an empty stomach. He knows what it feels like to see your family suffering for food, and he wishes it upon no one. Despite of being a successful and wealthy businessman, he is a pure human with a kind heart who wants to improve people’s lives around him.

The motivation for others:

 No one in the world has gone to be successful without hard work and struggles. Everyone wants to rich and successful. But few have the guts to achieve that. So, consider hard work and struggles very essential if you’re going to be successful.

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