Navigating Through The Wild World Of Weed Vape Pens

By the end of the year 2020, the ways to consume weed would elevate exponentially. However, most of the people who consume weed still look for a more covert way to get high. And that too, on the go. For example, weed patrons would love to take a hit anywhere they want to, regardless of the time- be it at a friend’s wedding, a house party, or even in the restroom of a cinema hall.

Notably, the most sought after way to consume weed covertly and on the go would be a THC distillate vape pen.

According to a rolling stone publishing, vape pens have largely replaced the joints and blunts due to their stealth factor. Plus, they are really easy to use and can offer great hits within seconds. The same report also states that the sales of vape pens increased by 49% during the fiscal year 2017-2018, increasing the overall market share for the stealth vaping devices.

However, the most remarkable is the fact that not all vaping pens are used for weed consumption. So, clearly, there’s a lot more to learn. For example, how do you differentiate a THC distillate vape pen from a nic-juice vape pen? Or, likewise, which vape pen is worth the penny or how do you choose which one’s better?

Thankfully, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you navigate through your choices of THC and CBD distillate vape pens. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Choosing The Right Distillate For Vaping

Just the way two varieties or strains of weed are not the same, the oil that is extracted from them is also not the same. At times it could be smooth and honey-like, while other times it could be as thick as wax. Of course, it depends on the type and quality of the weed it is sourced from. For simplicity, you can start with learning to differentiate between clear distillates and saucy resins. Particularly, if you’re looking to buy a THC or CBD distillate vape pen, because resins are usually not suitable for vaping in a pen made for distillates.

This brings us to the question at hand, how do you choose the right distillate. As already mentioned the quality of weed from which the extracts are obtained makes a lot of difference to the quality of a THC distillate. It could be high in THC contents, but still flavorless as water. Or it can be low on THC but rich in aromatic flavors.

Experts who deal in distillate vape pen Canada, explain that newbies and youngsters often buy distillates like they are buying alcohol. In other words, they go for the variety that has the highest THC content. However, noteworthy is the fact that getting high on weed is not the same as getting hammered by booze, although it is one of the easiest ways to compare the effects. After all, most of us would be more familiar with the effects that alcohol can have.

What is Distillate and How is it Separated from Weed or Marijuana?

In the simplest possible terms, a distillate is the purest form of isolated cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It means that it is the highest potent form of cannabis or weed or marijuana as we know it, as the experts at Canadian Grow Solutions explain. Distillates are usually extracted using a solvent (usually ethanol and in some cases pressurized CO2).

The extracts are then purified following a process called winterization. In the process, the extracts are stripped off of all the impurities, and even the aromatic flavoring agents known as terpenes. Manufacturers of distillate vape pen Canada explain that most of the manufacturers add the terpenes back to steer the high.

In addition to this, some flavoring agents are also added. For example, citrus extracts or sweeteners are added to give the distillates a fruity flavor.

Are All Vape Pens The Same?

Surprisingly, not all distillates can be used with all vaping kits. To some extent, a vape pen suitable for vaping liquids is typically the perfect match for your THC or CBD distillates. But, then again, there are slight differences in every make and model that can make a huge difference to your experience. Especially, if you’re a first-timer, you need to be a lot more cautious with the type of vape pen you choose.

In this section, we’ve listed down some of the usual technologies and features that can help you choose the right vaping device to make the most of your first session.

–      Convection, Radiation, Or Conduction Type

The most significant feature affecting the session experience is the heating technology that is used in the vape pen. Usually, a vape pen consists of three main parts- a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpiece. The distillates can either be in direct contact with the heating element or they can be packed in cartridges that can be attached to the battery.

As the name suggests, the convection type uses a medium, usually hot air, to heat up the contents. It means there is no direct contact between the heating element and the distillates. However, the consistency required for the distillates to be used in these vaping kits is usually comparable to wax.

The next is the radiation type. The distillates are packed in an enclosed cartridge which is then heated from all sides, without making contact with the heater. However, these devices are the least popular of all, for the reason they leave behind a lot of residue and unused extracts.

Lastly, the conduction type vape pens make up for the best vaping kits, so far. These kits also use a cartridge but it is directly in contact with the heating element. A conduction type THC distillate vape pen gives the most flavorful and dense clouds of vapor. And they are also among the most affordable options available in the market.

–      Draw Assisted Or Not

Another common feature that could be usually found in high-end vaping kits is the draw assisted heating. This feature allows the users to save on battery power and yet get the best vaping experience on the go. You can find both, draw assisted vaping pens and without it, in the market. Our suggestion, however, is to go for a draw assisted CBD distillate vape pen, or THC distillate vape pen, whichever you like more.

–      Wick Type Or Wickless

For conduction type of vaping kits, a usual inclusion is a wick. The wick conducts heat from the element and transfers it to the distillate contents within the cartridge. Usually, the vaping pens come with user instructions that can tell you if your device is compatible with a wick type cartridge or not.

It’s An Act Of Balancing Between The Flavor And Consistency

Now that you know what distillates are, how they are made, what difference can they make to your vaping experience, and which devices you can choose from, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Mostly, at the thought of which one should you buy and if it is worth the penny you spend. Well, to make it easier for you, it is necessary you understand that the whole process of navigating through the THC or CBD distillate vaping is an act of balancing. You’ll need to find your perfect balance of flavors, the hit, and the density of vapor puffs. No two flavors are the same, just the way no two make and model of the vaping kit can offer you the same

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