Joane$, R&B Artist, Launches His Debut Album Titled Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition

Joanes Junior Vincent, popularly known as Joane$, a 21-year-old R&B artist, has recently launched his debut LoFi trap break-up album titled- Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition. The debut artist has given a strong message to cope with depression during the tough times that people may have experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition marks the launch of a 21-year-old R&B artist, Joane$, who has inspired many by his newly released debut LoFi trap break-up album. Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition is available now exclusively on Apple Music and Spotify featuring Joan$ – the rising star.

Born to Haitian and Dominican immigrants, the melodic style artist didn’t have any intention to walk the musical path. It was his bad experiences that led him to choose music to get rid of his sufferings and pain. Only then he realized his purpose and started writing songs and used music as a way to escape depression.

Upon the release of his album, he revealed that writing music is an experience that gives a new lease of life. It feels relaxing where you find the motivation to fight depression and feel happy. His album is focused on helping people overcome the depression that they might have experienced during COVID-19. Filled with motivational lyrics, the album inspires and motivates people to fight the tough times and feel good about themselves.  

Joane$ was himself heartbroken at the time of writing the album that he indicated in his thick voice with aching and yearning in the album. As he was honest and completely raw with his thought process and knew not much about the music, it took him six months to complete the entire album. However, the interesting part is that he recorded all the songs in one take on the mic.

When asked about his thought process while writing the album, he said, “I was heartbroken at the time of writing my album and you can judge it from my thick voice with yearning and aching. My lyrics in the new album are completely raw and honest. The first song “All In” on the album was recorded in one take on the mic.

The song “Missed Calls” takes listeners to a sunset drive on Miami beach. My motive while recording this album was to help people fight depression and feel relaxed.”

The album is exclusively available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can continue listening to the songs to satiate yourself and find hope.

With Joane$ begin your journey on Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition. 

Joane$ Pain, Sacrifice to Ambition

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