Ibrahim Halil Uysal’s journey of setting ‘sweet marks’ in the confectionary business

Ibrahim Halil Uysal’s journey of setting ‘sweet marks’ in the confectionary business

It is rightly said, “ You don’t have to put an age limit on your dreams”. Around the world, many talented youngsters have achieved feats that were considered unattainable by others. Age and dreams are not correlated and this has been time and again proved by Ibrahim Halil Uysal, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Turkey, who has set new standards in the confectionery business.

How it all started:

Ibrahim was a sweet tooth since childhood. His inquisitiveness about desserts and sweets led him to start his own confectionary business at the age of just 17. At the start, his ultimate aim was to offer savouries that satisfied the taste buds of his customers. He, along with his father, had baked delicious desserts that made the entire town fall in love with their delicacies. Eventually, Ibrahim left school and completely dedicated himself to master the field of confectionery. He realized that he wasn’t made for a typical 9-5 desk job. He wanted to engage in such a job where he left a tremendous impact on people and always made them smile. His adeptness combined with entrepreneurial and leadership skills has helped him to smoothly sail through the cut-throat competition. Today, Ibrahim’s desserts are the talk of the town. From kids to elderly, everybody wants to treat their taste buds with mouth watering sweets.

 Age is just a number:

“ I always loved sweets. But without me even realizing, the craving to eat had turned into the craving to cook, the curiosity to learn and excel”. The ability to bake and create desserts came naturally to him. With dexterity and perpetual hard work, he had slowly climbed the ladder of success. At 17, when kids were busy playing video games, watching movies and thinking about what to do in life, Ibrahim had already decided that he wanted to spread ‘sweetness’ and dedicate himself to bake the best desserts ever.

Dream until you die:

“ If you think that I am satisfied with what I have achieved so far, then you are incorrect. My dreams have no expiry.” He believes that limiting and satisfying yourself with what you have hinders your overall growth. If he accepted that he was happy just by making desserts, then he wouldn’t have dreamt to become an entrepreneur. He believes that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the first step to success. His innovative and creative ideas combined with the knack to make a difference has helped him to reach the zenith of success. Ibrahim has inspired many youngsters to dream big and never give up.

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