Get your Toshiba laptop battery for replacement of previous one

Toshiba laptop battery can explore because of a thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries which is due to the excessive heat provided over 60 degrees Celsius. There may be some other factors such as overcharging, product tempering manufacturing defects. A laptop is slowed down when too many apps or programs are running simultaneously, and it reduced the performance. Some of the programs run in the backdrop even after you closed them. It will eventually affect the performance of your Toshiba laptop battery.

Over time and with more usage, Toshiba batteries wear out, and they need to be replaced. It mostly happens between two to three years, depending on how well you use your laptop. 

Replacement batteries for Toshiba laptops are easily available and ready to replace. But remember to fully charge the new battery first-time charge the new battery first time when you use it. If you deceive a battery is not holding a charge, you need to purchase a new battery if it is better than three years. Expiry of such battery can be sudden so just have a new Toshiba replacement battery to fix it.

When you have the new Toshiba laptop battery, all you need to do is insert a slender object into the battery reset hole which is located near the SD card reader slot. Then gently press the reset button. 

The Toshiba laptop battery can be fixed if it does not hold a charge. First of all, you need to fully recharge it and then completely drained the battery for better performance of it. Keep turning it back until it does not have enough power to boot when it reaches zero per cent but running a laptop with a dead Toshiba battery will not affect the performance of your laptop.

Now the most relevant question issues are how many hours does a Toshiba laptop battery last?

It depends upon the battery consumption, and it varies on your usage, but the average of Toshiba laptop battery is really good, which is around 400 recharges. After complete 400 recharges, Toshiba laptop battery starts to lose the capacity to hold the charge. That’s the reason when the three to four hours of daily usage routine now comes to just one to two hours. The fast draining of battery may be because of a heavy application which runs in the background or the high brightness of your system. When your laptop battery quickly dies, this is a trait to check out that it is the time for replacement of a bad battery.

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