Drone Trends – Everything you need to know about quadcopter drones

Drones have taken over the world for the past few years. Previously, drones have limited capabilities, but now people use it for various business and recreational purposes.

Some of the most famous companies worldwide use drones for delivery, including Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, DHL, FedEx, Dominos, Zomato, Uber Eats, etc.

Real estate companies use quadcopter drones to shoot aerial images to feature residential and commercial properties. A quadcopter is (the type of drone) with four rotors that minimize the shaking or trembling effect to offer a stable flight. The steady flight helps to record excellent quality videos and photos.

Besides, aerial selfies are the talk of the town these days. Numerous people are using drones to shoot breathtaking aerial videos for their travel vlogs. Similarly, racing drones are on every teenager’s wishlist, while parents of young kids prefer indoor quadcopter drone.

Let us quickly give you an overview of some of the most trending uses, features, and facts about quadcopter drones.

Top Brands:

Unlike the smartphone market, which has many known big players and intense competition, the drone market has very few brands, and one dominates.

Entirely unknown just 10 years ago, the Chinese brand DJI became the number one drone brand globally, and today it holds more than half the market share. Founded in 2006, the company launched DJI Phantom, the first ‘ready-to-fly’ drone for personal use, and more recently with the Mavic series, also known as foldable pocket drones.

However, DJI isn’t the only contestant offering well-designed consumer drones. Parrot continues to provide several excellent drones, including the recent Anafi. There is another Chinese brand, Yuneec, trying to compete with DJI with more affordable quadcopters.

Holy Stone, Snaptain, Potensic, and Eachine are also the budget drone makers that offer many excellent beginner-friendly cheap drones.


Today, there are so many different types of quadcopter drones available in the market, from beginners to expert level users. The price of these drones starts from as low as 50 bucks to a few thousand dollars.

You can easily find some mid-ranged best cheap camera drones under 150 dollars for beginners.

Exponential Features of Quadcopter Drones

For about a few hundred dollars, you can enjoy the magnificent features of drones, including an HD camera and live video transmission right on your smartphone. The drone automatically following and capturing your every move, thanks to the Follow-me mode.

Most of the mid-range quadcopters come with GPS, which increases the useability of drones a lot. Most of the drones offer the trajectory feature, which allows you to design the custom flying route, and your drone will follow the path accordingly. Also, those GPS enabled drones can return to home automatically when the battery is low, and the signal drops.

The gesture control mode is another fantastic feature quadcopter drone offers. With the gesture control option’s help, you can capture stunning aerial selfies to post on Instagram and other social media accounts. Similarly, there are a few voice-controlled drones available in the market, which is fun to use.

Easy to Fly Features

Drone manufacturing companies aim to make drones user friendly so that newbies can fly smoothly. To offer a hassle-free flight experience, most of the latest quadcopters offer easy to fly features. You take-off and land the drone with a single press of the button.

The altitude hold feature allows you hover stable, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the height. The headless mode helps the user to control the drone easily no matter which direction you are facing. Likewise, the collision avoidance sensor detects the obstacles in front of the drone and change the flying route accordingly.

Ultimate Photography and Live Video Experience

Have you ever seen your home or the surrounding landscape from the above? If not, then you can do that with the help of a drone by your side.

People have been staggering the internet with amazing aerial photos and videos. The drone lets you capture those precious moments with family and loved ones.

Have you ever had the experience of cutting the skies like a bird flying high on the stammers of the free wind?

If not, then you can also enjoy a live bird’s eye view of beautiful landscapes that the human eye might never have had the chance of experiencing. No matter how many times you do this, every time it brings a sensational feeling of fun, being free and over the moon.

Fly Drone and Make Money

The perception about the drones is that it is only useful for recreational purposes or to record videos. Indeed it is a hobby that pays for itself. You can get into a lot of stuff and can make a relatively handsome amount of money.

https://dronevideos.com/services/real-estate/ offer various services by using a drone since many filmmakers and real estate companies hire freelancers to shoot aerial videos. You can record stunning videos and photos to sell online. The trend of wedding videography by drones has grown a lot.

There is a high demand for mapping various places, 3D modeling, inspecting certain areas and structures. The drone can also help you to inspect agricultural fields, spray pesticides, and to plant trees.

The coolest thing you can do with the help of drones is to start a travel vlog. Many people make 6 figure monthly income just by traveling around the world and posting their travel videos on youtube, blogs, and other social platforms.

Alternatively, you can participate in drone racing and make some easy cash for yourself. Flying a drone is a hobby that can be taken to a whole new level while also making some sweet dough in the process.

Find The Best Drone For Yourself

If you are interested in buying a quadcopter drone for yourself, then the buying guides for the best drones by DronesHeaven will help you find the best quadcopter drone under any budget.

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