Black German shepherd puppies

The beneficial aspects of black German shepherd puppies are good temperament, loyalty, watchfulness, and self-assurance. When black German shepherds become mature dogs, they are well trained because they start their training at a very young age. Moreover, the only health problem mostly viewed in black German shepherd dogs is elbow and help dysplasia. You can adjust these health issues by following the precautionary measures. Overall, it proves to be an ideal family pet but remember that these dogs are a bit sturdy for children. This article covers the complete detail about the black German shepherd, puppies, puppy cost, genetics, and many more.


The characteristics of black German shepherd puppies are the same as a German shepherd. Moreover, the built and genetics of black germen shepherd and German shepherd are also the same. The physical traits of your black German shepherd puppy are as follow:

  • They have pointed, erected ears
  • They have a long snout and short legs
  • The tendency of bark and tool is average
  • The tail is mostly long
  • These are very sturdy and have good stamina.
  • They require plenty of exercise for maintaining the body and energy.
  • The life expectancy is 10 to 14 years.
  • The range of weight for male dogs are between 65 to 90lb
  • The content of value for female dogs is between 50 to 75lb.


The look of the black German shepherd is similar to the German shepherd. So we can say that both dogs exhibit the same look with some breeding differences. Moreover, the back of the black Gs is longer and straight than that of Gs. Verity is seen in the length of the dog’s coat, ranging from long to short. If the dogs have a long coat, then the dog’s body is more featuring and striking.

Moreover, they are available in various coat colors like black, tan, red, silver, sable, spotted, and cream. Some pup is available in the single color coat the dogs with bi coloring, mono and particolored are also available. In addition to the above, some other colors are also seen in black German shepherd dogs, which are grey, silver, light blue, and panda.


The training of black German shepherd puppies starts early, which gives them impressive, courageous personality to a dog in the future. Moreover, learning protection skills are the central part of their training—that why it proves to be an excellent guard dog. Moreover, if the pup or dog is trained appropriately, you can get a highly socialized dog. A black German shepherd pup and dog’s primary job is guarding and protecting, so they fully notice everything.


Slowly feed the dog when he/she is of growing age. Moreover, the quantity of feeding depends upon the age of the dog. But these dogs require a fair amount of meal as compared to other dogs because they grow faster. The dietary requirements of black germen shepherd puppies and mature dogs are as follow:

  • A requirement of Male puppies -2,200 to 3,000 calories
  • The requirement of female puppy-1,700 to 2,500 calories
  • Mature adult male dog require 1,300 to 1,800 calories
  • Mature adult female dog require-1,000 to 1,500 calories


Most of the health issues are occur in older age. The particular health problem with black Gs are:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Bloating
  • Epilepsy
  • Hemophilia
  • Diabetes

Black German shepherd puppy price

The black German shepherd cost is slightly higher than other dogs because they are rare breeding dogs. Moreover, the expense of black GS dogs or pups also varies with their appearance. It means the dogs with longer coats are a bit expensive than dogs with shorter coats.

So the cost of standard sable puppies is $900 and up, while the price range of black germen shepherd puppies is $1,000 – $2,500.Moreover, when you buy a puppy must check its age. If the age of the pup is less than eight, then don’t buy them because the coat color of the dog is exact after Eight weeks.

Moreover, before a puppy must check its health percentage, breeding category, training, grooming, etc., you must have clear information about different breeds and their characteristics. This information helps find a per cent and a suitable pup for you.

Benefits of buying black German shepherd puppies

  • It’s a healthy dog breed
  • Having a good temperament
  • Easily trainable
  • Charming personality
  • Too energetic dogs
  • Excellent protecting or guarding qualities.

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