At present, there are 7 billion people in the world, and every person is known for having a distinguished personality. Every person has different characters, different habits, different interests, and features that differentiate them from other people. But the one thing that totally sets one person apart from the other is something that one excels at, and for every person, that too, is completely different.

While some people are really good at teaching, other people are great at sports. Some people are extremely well in running a business; others are exceptionally amazing in arts.

The reason why people excel at something is because that is where their interest lies. And for some people, interest, and profession are carried together. This is why they are exceptionally amazing at what they do.

Among those who are not just good at what they do, but also love doing their work, the name of Rony Jabour remains prominent. Rony Jabour is an OSHA trainer and a motivational safety speaker, who combines his lively personality with the knowledge he has about safety and health in workplaces to increase awareness about its importance.                                                                             

Rony Jabour found his way in the occupational safety and health training field when he was quite young. But before he was a part of the OSH department, Rony worked in the construction industry.

Rony Jabour was born on October 12, 1983, in Brazil. For 21 years, he lived in Brazil. Rony was always the owner of a very vibrant personality. He could make people laugh and make even the worst situations better.

A couple of years later, after he graduated, he moved to Boston, in the U.S. He started working almost immediately after he moved to the U.S. He started working in the construction sector in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rony Jabour took no time to adjust to the construction sector. He was always good at what he did and always gave his best. His work there was commendable, and he learned a lot about life while he worked in the construction company.

One of the most important things that Rony Jabour took into notice was the lack of knowledge and interest people had in taking care of themselves. His colleagues had no idea about how to protect themselves from the dangers and threats that were presented by the different sites they were working on.

Surprised and baffled, Rony Jabour decided to take all his team members under his wing. He came up with various solutions to help people look after themselves. Every day, he would stand at the front, monitoring everyone, making sure that everyone was following the health and safety regulations.

And this is when Rony knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. And even though Rony’s work in the construction sector was really exemplary, he knew that his interest and the will to carry a profession lay with health and safety training.

Aware of the talent and the new energy he had suddenly possessed, Rony decided to get certified so that he could practice helping people understand what health and safety measures professionally.

He left working in construction in 2008 when he joined Keene State College. He got enrolled in the OSHA Training Institute. Rony Jabour took up several courses, all of which he excelled at. He wanted to learn as much as he could so that he could pass the knowledge to help people of every profession learn about taking care of themselves.

Rony Jabour wasn’t just a good student; he also earned several certifications, including Specialist for Fire Prevention & Life Safety, Disaster Site Worker Trainer, Electrical Standards along with a huge list of others, all contributing to sharpening the skills he had.

Rony Jabour started learning about OSHA of spreading awareness, and that is what he did right after he got certified. He opened his school, United Safety Net. Rony created the school with the vision to raise awareness about the threats, big and small, presented by workplaces and how to reduce accidents by practicing health and safety measures.

Since Rony Jabour himself is multilingual, he launched courses in English, Portuguese, and Spanish at his school, and has become the largest occupational safety & health training institute in the U.S. The school certifies over 2000 students every year!

Rony’s efforts about educating the people about the health and safety measures weren’t just limited to his school; he also started visiting different places to deliver motivational speeches about the importance of safety and health in workplaces.

In 2013, Rony was invited by the United States Department of Labor to extend his knowledge about the importance of safety at the workplace. In 2012, he delivered a speech at Harvard University. He was also given a certificate for his efforts by. 4 years later, he was invited by the Department of Labor again, and his speech proved to be quite helpful in gaining insights for the people.

Moreover, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Rony Jabour took the opportunity to learn more and got himself certified from the World Health Organization. He then started helping people learn all the ways they could help themselves against the virus. He also hosted several training programs so that people could learn to stay safe from the virus.

Rony Jabour isn’t just a passionate OSHA Safety trainer, but he also loves spreading knowledge and awareness about the health and safety measures across the world. His efforts have made him the most requested OSH trainer in the U.S and the number one authorized OSHA Safety Trainer in New England.

Rony Jabour holds two master’s certification from the University of Texas Arlington, while also making utmost efforts to help people return to their loved ones home safely, every day.

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