Top 5 (Undervalued) Places to Buy Property in the Bahamas

Top 5 (Undervalued) Places to Buy Property in the Bahamas

Even though most people know the Bahamas as a fantastic tourist destination, it has a lot to offer, beyond its wildly beautiful beaches, restaurants, golf courses, resorts, shopping malls, golf courses, sailing, fishing, and other entertainment activities.

Many people don’t know that the Bahamas are almost a tax haven featuring no inheritance, capital, or income taxes. Getting residency is also a pretty straightforward job. And then there is its proximity to the United States.

As a result of all that, the Bahamas have a buoyant property market that offers excellent returns.

However, the same as with any other real estate market, the key to excellent property investment is the location. That is why we will elaborate some exciting, yet we believe undervalued places to buy a property in the Bahamas.

1. Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay, Abaco, is a great place to consider for property investment. There are several beachfront communities and small marina where you can find affordable condos that start at just $30,000. All the residential units are within walking distance from the well-known Treasure Cay Beach. Owning a residential unit there presents a tremendous rental opportunity that can return your initial investment quite fast while you are back at home and just collecting the cheques.

Another great thing about Treasure Cay is that it can be easily accessed by plane via its 7000′ runway from Florida’s east coast. Furthermore, Treasure Cay is the entry point for many water taxis, making the area quite accessible.

2. Rainbow Bay

Those in favor of amazing views should head towards Rainbow Bay, which is a hilltop community. On one side, you overlook the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, whereas on the other you have the Atlantic Ocean with its deep blue waters. The Rainbow Bay neighborhood is only a few minutes’ drive from the Governor’s Harbour International Airport. 

3. Bahama Palm Shores

Bahama Palm Shores is a neighborhood located just south of the Marsh Harbour Abaco. In its proximity are famous places such as Pete’s Pub, Schooner Bay, The Abaco Club, and the Little Harbour. Each of those places is at a walking distance; just a stone throw away. It is a community where one can find a wide selection of affordable beachfront properties. Governors Harbour International Airport.

4. Great Exuma

Great Exuma is an Island with some great beachfronts. On the positive notes, you can get to the beach in several minutes by car. Plus, in this area, it is possible to find some of the cheapest lots on the island.

5. Cat Island

Cat Island is a top choice for those looking for solitude and excellent diving spots. Fernandez Bay is situated in its southern region, and it regularly services by the local airlines. So you get to have great beaches, amazing beachfront, better seclusion than Eleuthera and Abaco, and amazing diving spots. One of the best in the area. What’s even more fantastic are the property prices, which are quite affordable.

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