SINGLE REVIEW: See You Dance by Cristal Carrington

The beat goes on, and on. Scene-stealer and party queen Cristal Carrington holds court in the new single “See You Dance”. Feeling and sounding like a front row access pass to the time of your life, this energized and ‘pumped up’ jam. Carefree and yet in full control, Carrington’s suave pop/R&B song is fully capable of commanding the listener to dance the night away.


Carrington, who is originally from Long Island, New York, is now based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her sound is very fresh and has that East Coast vibe happening. I must say, though, there is a part of me that would be remiss if I didn’t point out the similarities to the song “Pump Up The Jam” from Technotronic. Carrington actually sings pump, pump, pump it up. That’s as far as it goes, though. Carrington’s music bed is different and has a lot more luster and pizzaz. The beat is freeing and catchy. The rhythm can’t be denied – Carrington knows how to tap into the listener’s weakness for hooky arrangements and blinding flow. I appreciated her Technotronic salute. Unconscious or not, Carrington makes it work within the confides of her styling song.

Cristal Carrington - See You Dance (Official Video)

She even throws in some ‘uno, dos, tres, quatro’ for good measure. I want to see you party, she repeats. Just a few times she seductively says all night long, I really to go home with you. It’s chilling because she seduces the listener. She’s ravenous. Her intimate tone is almost tangible. Reach out and touch her, she beckons. The music bed has a mix of darker tones flushed to lighter movements, giving it an exhilarating rush. Like a murmured, manipulated trumpet of sorts, the sound frames itself around the bend. Bump, bump, bump, goes the beat. I can surmise that Carrington is conveying a sense of partying and love, but she’s also a vixen in disguise. She’s cheeky about things and you know that she’s ‘thirsty’ for some loving by the night’s end. Her chorus drills in your mind for hours, and you’ll find yourself singing I want to see you dance over and over. Believe me, it’s addictive. For as sexy as her voice is, it’s warm and even a bit innocent sounding. I can also see someone adding the chorus to a Tik Tok video and it going viral. My gut instinct says the chorus alone will catch like wildfire.

“See You Dance” is from Carrington’s first ever release, Revenge. With such an impressive debut, it’s likely we will continue to hear additional instant-hits from this young star. Fans that enjoy Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Corona (“Rhythm of the Night”), Pink’s  “Get The Party Started” and even some early Destiny Child selections will want to check out Carrington. She has the rare gift of injecting her personality and entertainment into an upbeat song. “See You Dance” is the right dose of sex appeal and charm to five adult listeners a new anthem, but even younger, innocent listeners will join in on the chorus.

by Bethany Page

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