Mikylee Bonthoux Came From A Regular Background But Now Aspires To Build His Influencer Business And Teach Others How To Attain Success

Mikylee Bonthoux is a youthful and upcoming Instagram growth expert and social media influencer. Mikylee realized early on that living life working for somebody else was no way to live life. Mikylee knew there had to be a way to be his own boss and make more money on his own terms, rather than working a traditional job.

Mikylee has always been fascinated by fast cars, fancy boats and flashy toys. This motivated him to start finding ways to make money, even at a young age. As he grew older, he did lots of odd jobs and eventually realised he still wasn’t going to make the kind of money he was after by working the traditional nine to five. He needed to stop trading his time for money, and instead find ways to leverage his money to buy more time.
“So I started to learn about online money making via YouTube and would spend hours watching videos on how to gain wealth, how to get rich, and how to retire young. It sure changed my outlook on instead of spending your time making money I should make my money make money for me.” Mikylee explains.
Mikylee is currently working on growing his personal brand as an Instagram influencer and Instagram growth expert. He has also started building up his real estate portfolio by purchasing two condos to rent out on Airbnb and is hoping to expand the number of real estate he owns in future. He knows that creating assets as soon as possible is a key component of becoming wealthy long-term.
Mikylee was inspired by seeing the amount of success, growth and massive income countless other Instagram influencers were gaining. Mikylee’s friend Braydon Ross also inspired him to dive head first into the online industry as he’s seen the amount of success and the empire Ross has built for himself over the last six years, and he believes he can accomplish similar goals.
Yet Mikylee never underestimates the importance of mindset when starting your own business. It’s a crucial determining factor of what one can and will achieve. Maintaining a positive frame of mind, no matter what is thrown your way, is essential. Having a negative mindset will only bring more negativity and self-doubt.
“When times get tough make sure you’re able to calm your mind and find your inner peace whatever that might look like for you personally, this will only help you grow and scale your business or brand.” Mikylee highlights.

From Mikylee’s perspective, the greatest challenge involved with starting a business or personal brand is the amount of doubt from people who don’t believe you’re capable of the success that you crave. Mikylee also points out those moments when you doubt yourself, as you go through struggles, losses and having people hate on you for doing something different than them.
“Most of the time it’s your own friends and family who don’t think it’s possible or think you should just work a normal job like everyone else.” Mikylee states.
However, Mikylee’s desire for success trumps any possible obstacle he can come up against. For Mikylee, success means fulfilling the goals that he’s set in place to move forward to a better life. That means increasing his income and net worth. However, success is not always about money. It could be about lifting more in the gym, becoming more fit and healthy. Even how far one has come in life and how many friends and experiences were gained along the journey.
Mikylee’s next projects will be growing his personal brand on Instagram while also adding more services to offer to his clientele. Mikylee also wants to start purchasing more properties for Airbnb rentals, creating assets is something that he wants to continue to put a lot of focus on as he his income grows.
“One day I hope I become very successful and will have people look up to me for mentorship so I can also guide them into financial freedom the same way my mentors will have done for me.” Recounts Mikylee.
If you want to know more about Mikylee you can also follow him on Instagram.

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