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Easy at Home Beauty Treatments Revealed

Even celebrities have taken to at home beauty treatments while we wait for salons and spas to completely open back up. Top beauty and health influencers are not only being sought after for tutorials and advice but have also taken it upon themselves to publish advice and recommendations to guide us at home. We have compiled a list of the simplest and most effective advice from influencers on social media – some are so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along!

Self Tanning

Whether you are stuck inside or spending much more time than usual outside a subtle glow to your skin can give you a boost of self confidence. A good  self tanner will make all the difference in the health of your skin and the end result. You might buy a bottle of self tanner because you don’t want to expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause liver spots, keratosis, solar elastosis and skin cancer. Most self tanner products last depending on how much lotion you applied. Usually, putting on a light application lasts for five days, a moderate application lasts between seven to eight days and dark tans with a heavy application last for 10 days. A full bottle needs replacement after two to three months of continuous application.

Beauty Tricks

Having understood how to get the perfect skin tan, you may wonder how to complement the tan. You might pick a bold lipstick, such as coral or hot magenta in the summer months and classic red as the winter season rolls around. For the season of the changing leaves, apply a subtle peach or a cinnamon-toned hue. Next, practice the habit of not touching your face. During a day, your hands pick up dirt and other bacteria that can create a zit minefield. The less you touch your face, the lower the chances of a breakout.

Hair Tips

Don’t apply chemical-based shampoos. In particular, look for a shampoo that says sulfate-free. Sulfate-free shampoos leave the natural oils on the scalp. The natural oils, known as sebum, form a barrier to protect the scalp and hair from the elements and oxidative damage. The fewer chemicals used on the hair, the softer and healthier it will look.

Next, you should understand how to apply the conditioner. Conditioner causes the hair to relax slightly and makes it more manageable. Many times, you will hear beauty experts recommend that you only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair – but our research revealed several influencers who recommend using a small amount of watered down conditioner closer to the root to coax the shine back to your hair to seal and protect the hair folicle against harch weather and pollutants.

To prevent damage, never brush your hair wet. Wait for your hair to dry before running a comb or brush through it. If you have to detangle while your hair is still wet make sure to use a specified wet brush or wide toothed comb.

Cleanse the Face Twice Daily

Dr. Diane Madfes, a dermatologist, recommends washing your face two times per day. You want to remove the dirt, debris, oil and harmful bacteria called Propionibacterium. The pollution particles clog the pores and cause a cluster of zits to form. As you wash your face, massage the skin in circular motions. Start from the inside like the nose, lips and eyes and move the application slowly outward.

Pay Attention to Skin in Real-Time

To do well with skincare, you have to pay attention to the skin’s current needs. When it dries out, apply moisturizer. Excessively oily skin requires astringent, a type of lotion, that tightens your skin pores and prevents breakouts. Never use astringent after you have exfoliated your face. You should only use astringent every other day at the most because it dries the skin out. Avoid chemical-based astringents to prevent skin damage.

Hopefully, you have found these home beauty tips helpful for your next treatment. Putting together a home beauty treatment plan doesn’t have to be boring. Rely on the many resources that are available on social media – ask your friends who they follow for advice on hair, makeup, natural health care and whaterver else you are looking to improve in your own routine. Ask questions and engage in the conversation – you will learn a lot and you might look at it as a creative and fun exercise to cultivate a more beautiful you.

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