Best minimalist items to decorate your home with

Interior design has seen many changes throughout the years in history. From gothic to chic minimalist, there has been a range of fashions that have come and gone. However, nowadays, the trend that is found in every home is trendy but minimalist furniture and decoration pieces. It isn’t easy to understand which piece of furniture or art comes in which category. It can be confusing for budding interior designers or only people looking to bring a change in their home atmosphere.  

Therefore, this article will mention some of the various furniture or art pieces and ideas that can be implemented for use in your house to make it more trendy while staying minimalistic.  

Use neutral colors

One of the minimalist homes‘ essential traits is using a limited and neutral color palette; this includes colors like white, beige, and pastel colors. This should not only be implemented in terms of wall paint but furniture as well. Moreover, another vital trait of minimalist homes is monochrome furniture. Therefore all the furniture should be of one color and complement the walls. Through this tiny step, you can make sure your home looks chic and minimalistic.

Purchase Galaxy Roses

One of the most recent and minimalist, but trendy items to decorate your home with includes galaxy roses. These roses are handcrafted polyethylene roses covered in 24K gold foil and then coated with holographic paint, creating a magical effect. Moreover, these roses also give a glamorous and fancy vibe, thereby adding more depth to any room you place them in. They are available in a simple stem rose form and a base and lights, depending on your taste. They can be placed in a plain vase in the room to provide light through the holographic and gold coating. It is bound to catch anyone’s eye right when entering the room.  

Have empty spaces

Another important trait of having a minimalist home is to have empty spaces; furniture and art should be scarce and spaced out to have an environment of openness and minimalism. There should not be any unwanted distractions in terms of furniture and décor; what you see is what you get is the motto of a minimalist home; therefore, empty spaces correctly get that point across. In addition, any décor that is present should be bare and simple, adding to the environment of minimalism. 

Use accent decorations

Although having monochrome furniture and bare walls is a distinctive trait of a minimalist home, many people employ accent decorations to bring the attention towards one specific part of the room. This can be done through having furniture that stands out placed in one corner, curtains of a different color that stands out, or only artwork of a different color tone that immediately catches the eye in an otherwise plain and simple room. In this way, if you have any decoration piece that you want to show off when your loved ones visit, you can easily do so.  

Play around with patterns

There is no strict guide to having a minimalist home; therefore, you can always put your twist in your décor and furniture settings. One such method is to play and work with different patterns and textures. For example, you can have plain furniture and sofas; however, you can have colorful and textured cushions or throws placed on the sofas. Moreover, you can place quirky and interesting rugs under plain coffee tables in order to give your room more colorful and more character. Lastly, you can even play around with curtains by placing curtains with different patterns while ensuring that the rest of the room stays plain and minimalistic, thereby drawing attention towards the curtains and adding more depth into the room’s environment.  

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