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Cryptocurrency groups are still relevant among investors as it has become a reliable payment tool. There a lot of sites dedicated to the digital coins subject. One of the best means to find out more about cryptocurrency market is a crypro telegram group. This software is a cross-platform messenger which is well known for its high security standards. Let take a look at TOP telegram crypto groups.

Crypto telegram groups link

Now let’s take a look at some groups that could be interesting for crypto currency and blockchain specialists.

ICO Speaks group


And again we are back at one of the best Telegram channel. But now they decided to open chat for everyone who wish to share their opinion on cryprocurrency event and other themes. The main advantage of this group is the ability to speak freely and users are not blocked at all. This naturally leads to lots of spam but you can also find useful advice how to find a good project or how to promote your idea. Do not forget that ICO Speaks admins are able to connect investors with promising blockchain projects. So feel free to espress your thoughts with other members.

ICO Listing group


This is another popular group created by ICO Listing admins. Apart from communication with other blockchain specialists and other members you will be able to list your project. There is always a chance that a random investor with stumble upon your post. If you are serious about your intentions you can connect with group administrators. They are able to create hype around you project and suggest some pointers so you could make it better. If you are interested in cryprocurrency, just enjoy informal messages and regular post. It seems like admins clear most of spam messages so the chat looks pretty clean.

ICO Founders


And yet another wonderful group from ICO speaks creators with is aimed at promoting any project that could be interesting to investors. When you enter the group you can easily see that some projects have already been submitted for fundraising. It means that everyone is able to promote their idea. You can share your thoughts in chat or just ask other members how they managed to achieve their goals. Most of messages come from real cryptocurrency specialists that trade on a daily basis. Ask them for a piece of advice – the community is pretty friendly.

These groups has been opened by Team. It could be useful for everyone who is interested in blockchain and cryprocurrency technologies and projects. Lots of members are eager to discuss latest news and events. The main advantage of any crypto telegram group or channel is the ability to send private message to anyone who can give you inside info or promote your idea. This list of groups are great tool to connect people from different countries.

ICO Speaks News


It is a crypto community for investors and businessmen which are ready to develop a startup. ICO Speaks post news, guides and ICO/IEO reviews on a regular basis. The mission of this community is to connect investors with promising blockchain projects. Channel members get regular news about best IEO project which you could follow. Another main job of this community is informing investors about fraud acts. As a member of ICO Speaks you will have a chance to promote your startup in crypto exchange sphere. Discuss latest news and feel free to comment in chat.

IEO Pools


This channel provides latest IEO reviews. You will be able to find out about pre-sales, airdrops and tokes sales – reasonable prices for followers and cryptocurrency specialists. Administrators post news on a regular basis. You will be among the first who will find out about promotions and marketing campaigns. IEO Pools will be useful for traders and investors. If you are looking for new projects with advantageous offers, consider becoming a member. IEO listing could be very useful for everyone who is in search of opportunities. Initial exchange offerings could help earning loads of money.

Btc Champ


This is a relatively popular channel which could be very useful for BTC investors. But even the creators of Btc Champ acknowledge that altcoins are worth of our attention. Apart from reading daily news all members have a wonderful opportunity to promote their start-up projects. Btc Champ team will do their best to create an amazing hype by letting everyone to discuss it. If you have new pool or you are about to launch tokes sales feel free to create a post. On this channel you will also find latest news about Bitcoin and even some forecasts price changes forecasts.

ICO Speaks Ru


We have already mentioned ICO Speaks. This is a Russian version of this channel. Here you find best reviews on ICO and IEO projects, information on Airdrop, news about cryptocurrency market and token sales. According to ICO Speaks creators one of the main missions of this channel is project promotion. They are able to organize meetings with investors which are interested in you project. So if you are in search for a great opportunity, consider subscribing and visiting their site which will provide more useful info.

Don’t look at the subscriber amount – this channel is always posting great news. It has been created by creators which produce tons of useful content on altcoin, bitcoin, blockchain, binance, ethereum and XRP news. You will also get inside info on token sales and start-up projects. Lots of posts about fundraising strategies, blockchain standards, popular crypto currencies price fluctuations and many other crypto topics. This wonderful channel is definitely worth your attention because of the regular posts. If you keep up with business world events you will find it very informative.

We hope that you will find all best telegram crypto groups useful. The messenger is simple and useful software. Choose any group and start promoting your project today!

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