Who Is The Rapper Fari?

Fari is relatively new to the world of music, but it hasn’t stopped him from selling out shows across the United States. This talented rapper, known for his amazing music and commitment to his craft, has taken the time to grow a music career in a world that told him it was impossible. Now, Fari is growing quickly, gaining new fans and watching his stream numbers climb while he chases down what was once considered impossible: a rap career. Despite what others had to say, Fari has defied all odds and proven that a little hard work goes a long way.

Who Is Fari?

Fari is a new rapper from Greenville, North Carolina. Though North Carolina might not seem like the state to churn out rappers, Fari has shown that rap culture exists everywhere. He is a talented artist known for his daring escape from a typical life to a new up and coming rap artist. Already, he has proven that he has what it takes with his 150,000+ streams on all streaming platforms and his commitment to making great music. He has won over fans, public audiences, and social media followers with his honest demeanor and engaging music.

Fari’s Background

This is one artist who has a very real background. Unlike some artists who stumbled their way into the music scene, Fari fought for it. He knew that if he truly wanted to make his dreams come true, he would need to go the extra mile and risk it all. This is what compelled him to step away from his college education and boring job to really chase down his dreams of becoming a rapper. Throughout his journey, Fari lost many loved ones, but he never let it stop him. Instead, he took the time to learn, grow, and become better.

What’s Next For Fari?

Even though Fari is relatively new, it is obvious that he has promise. He has a constantly growing fanbase and an equally large number of streams present on every song he drops. In 2019, he released his debut project, Only One Vol, 1. His song, Tiara Wack, was an instant success, and it seems likely that many more will follow. As he learns, grows, and evolves as an artist, it is obvious that he will continue to prove himself in the music scene. Already, he has shown that he has what it takes to really lean into his projects.


Some artists struggle to rise in a competitive market, but Fari has shown that he does not. He is already so committed to making his music and creating the time to find his greatness that it seems obvious that he will succeed. Every day is a new day for him to learn, grow, and create. He knows this, and now his fans are getting to enjoy the creative pursuits that he is focusing on. With great music, obvious talent, and an undying commitment to his craft, Fari will rise to the top. All we can do is sit back and watch.

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