STEM Toys for Your Little Ones

STEM- Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, if you don’t know already, this is what STEM stands for.

It takes a real time and effort for educational experts to create wonderful tools for kids to get in the habit of playing with learning toys in an early stage.

What are the benefits of playing with STEM toys ? They provide kids the ability to solve problems, gather information, and explore options. They help kids have exposure in the science, technology, engineering, and math field and prepare for a career in these fields later on.

What subjects do STEM toys cover? What do they teach? Well, STEM was first used to describe college majors such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Automation, and Mechanical Engineering. People who work in these fields are called STEM professionals. Some well-known STEM professions include software developers, doctors, engineers, scientists etc. 

Many parents feel intimidated by the term STEM because they don’t even know what it stands for. If you do a quick google search, you will find some useful guides and explanations about why and how to find STEM resources for kids.

There are some toys that one-year-olds can start playing with to get an early start:


A Rainbow Rocket Stacking Play Set is a wonderful play toy for one-year-olds that is made out of wood and has 9 colorful pieces. This toy is a great selection for the kids who are ready to explore shapes and colors. Besides that, it can help kids develop better fine motor skills. It can also teach kids to focus better and concentrate


Pound-A-Ball toys are great to promote dexterity. Usually these toys come in multiple vibrant colors and little figurines. The goal is for your little one to aim at one ball and hammer it down. Through playing with this toy, your child can develop a better hand-eye coordination while having fun. This toy also teaches the basics about gravity and mechanical engineering.


You may also have heard STEAM, in which the “A” stands for art. As parents become more aware of the importance of art, toy makers are also coming up with toys that promote a child’s appreciation in music and crafts. WolVol Musical Learning Workbench Toy is a phenomenal toy with lights, sounds, music and shapes. It is a perfect gift for every celebrating occasion and other gifting occasions for all 1-year old children


Magnetic toys are open-ended toys that promote creativity, which is an essential skill for STEM professions.  The magnetic toy animals teach a one-year-old to build fun figures such as Horse, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken and Rooster. This toy is great because it can introduce nature to your child at the comfort of your home.


Stacking rings, stacking cups, and stacking cubes are great tools for kids to develop a better sense of logic. Besides learning about colors and shapes, a child learns to count and to recognize patterns. These toys also teach special relations which are essential in learning geometry and maths.


A Goobi Junior’s magnetic building set involves big and gigantic shaped pieces designed for babies and toddlers. This toy teach them to explore different building structures and configurations. When playing with such toys, you can also spend quality time with your child and form a better bond.

Who doesn’t want their child to grow up working in a high-paid profession that brings confidence and a sense of fulfillment? If you are like many other parents who are eager to give a jump start to their little one, the STEM toys are the best tools that you should take advantage of.

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