Piano Every Day: How Oclef Reimagines Piano Education With Online Instruction

In order to learn a new skill, the average student needs to follow a steady process built around learning and practice sessions. To learn how to play the piano, consistency is key. Unfortunately, consistency is one area where many students fall short. It isn’t their fault. In truth, it is simply very difficult for parents to take students out for lessons on a consistent basis. Oclef, a nationally recognized piano school designed to make piano classes available to any student anywhere, was made as an easy solution to help parents and kids maintain a consistent relationship with musical education. In this article, we will discuss the ‘Piano Every Day’ concept that Oclef was built on.


What Is Piano Every Day?

Piano Every Day is an approach to learning that relies on consistency as the ultimate enforcer in musical education. Unlike traditional classes, which might have students in attendance once or twice a week, Oclef’s model focuses on giving students daily access to live classes. Through daily practice, students can enforce their understanding of music, learn how to read music, and remain engaged as they grow their expertise in piano playing.

How Piano Every Day Reaches More Students

By granting total access to educational resources for students, Oclef has enabled more students to stay with the piano. In a world where we are all spending more time inside than ever before, this school offers a committed and engaging curriculum that has been designed to meet students at all levels. They organize all students by stages.

Stage One: Learn to Read

Stage Two: Learn to Practice

Stage Three: Learn to Perform

Stage Four: Learn to be Independent

Initially, students in Stage One average six to seven days at Oclef. Although they check in with the instructors and professors daily, the shorter durations 15-30 minutes are designed to maximize student efficiency and focus. Over time, these stages evolve, focusing on growing the student’s independence so that they can eventually be confident to learn any music on their own. This approach allows students to learn more, grow faster, and stay committed to their piano playing.

Reinforcing Learning and Growth Through Daily Education

Student engagement is the ultimate focus of Piano Every Day lessons. Since playing the piano is a technical skill, it is easy for students to get frustrated or fall behind, even between lessons. Many students find this to be upsetting, which ultimately results in less enthusiasm. Potential musicians are lost along the way simply because their classes are not engaging or consistent enough. With Oclef, musical education is reinforced through simple daily practice, allowing students to remain consistent and experience their progress in real-time.


Oclef was founded to understand and prevent students from dropping out of piano – as so many students do. Some studies point to as many as 83% of piano students drop out in the first three years in the US. Oclef has made it clear through their Piano Every Day approach that they will do whatever it takes, literally “Every Day”, to make sure that their students succeed.

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