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Intricacies Involved In Selecting The Right Publisher For Your Manuscripts    

You’ve just finished working on the last page of your manuscript. It’s taken you ages to research, compose, and write it down. But finally, it’s done. What do you do next? This is the question that many aspiring authors are faced with.

Books continue to be a strong influential force in our society. Each year, millions get sold across the globe. Global e-book publishing revenue is estimated to stand at $12.32 billion. Each year, millions of new authors release all sorts of books, and the number is steadily increasing.

A reliable publishing partner, such as Allied publishing books & training manuals, will significantly help get your book across to millions of readers. But the question is, how do you go about ensuring that you contract the right publisher? Here are a few points on how to approach this task.

  • Editing

A lot goes into ensuring a manuscript is ready for printing and distribution. Editing is part of all the essential steps. Does the publisher print the manuscript as it is, or do they edit and proofread it before printing?

In case they first proofread and edit, are there any charges and additional fees for this service? Similarly, if they do, how qualified and experienced are their in-house editors, or do they outsource these services?

All this is vital to produce a book that’s free of any grammatical and spelling errors. 

  • Contract

Considering the amount of effort that goes into writing a fantastic book, you need to take your time while reading through the contract. It would be helpful to have an attorney look at it since it’s a legally binding document.

Take a close look at the cost, royalty, and any advance payments if there are any included. What are your rights as per the contract? How frequently will you be paid royalty on your work? What rights does the publisher retain?

  • Web Presence

The internet has single-handedly disrupted countless industries, including publishing. Today, no professional publisher will be found without having some form of online presence, be it a blog or website. This is because the sale volume on ebooks far outstrips hard-cover books.

Check on how the publisher markets the book online? How hard is it to find the book in the e-store? How is the traffic volume? Does the publisher have secured online ordering? How fast are books delivered once purchased? 

Publishers like Allied publishing books & training manuals leverage SEO tools to increase their website’s visibility, thus driving sales.

  • Business Model

A significant number of publishers are changing their business models to adjust to the changing times. These firms are pretty exciting. Despite this, not all of them have a sustainable business model. You want to partner with a firm whose model is both fair to you and sustainable.

The last thing you need is getting into a contract with a company; then it goes up in flames in a matter of months. If the publisher doesn’t seem right, walk away and look for another.

  • Partnerships

Have a look at whether the publisher has any retail partners. If so, who are they? Are they partnered with Amazon? What price will your book feature in these retail stores? How good is the relationship between the publisher and the retailers?

  • Reputation

This is undoubtedly the most crucial point to note while shopping for a reliable publisher. Try and find out what other authors and publishers alike think about them. Do they have a good or bad reputation?

Most professionals tend to socialize and mingle among themselves. This is great, as getting access to this information won’t be too difficult. Ask around, but only seek out people whom you trust and value their unbiased opinion.

  • Pricing Of The Book

How much will your readers have to pay to access your book? Is it reasonably priced compared to similar books, or is it higher? Most shoppers are always on the look-out for great bargains.

If your book is overpriced, you could potentially lose out to your competition. The trick is to find a balance, especially if your work isn’t well known.

A publisher can either make or break your career. No matter how good your content is, if you sign up with an unreliable company, your book may never attain its full potential, only to be forgotten, left gathering dust in a basement.

As you’ve read until now, aligning yourself with reputable publishers like Allied publishing books & training manuals isn’t that hard. All you need is time and effort geared towards separating them from the bunch. I hope this helps you with getting published.

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