Bowen Stirs Up Sleepy Vibes On Absent Mind

Houston raised artist Bowen takes us right back to long summer evenings with his new single for Absent Mind. Inspired by hip-hop, soul and lo-fi electronic music, he self-taught himself to make beats from the age of 14 and has since gone on to make some delights.

He adds to this collection with “Company,” which is is an ideal fit for this London based label. “The single “Company” is about not being enough for a person, ” Bowen explains. “The song talks about how it feels to be incomplete without a person that doesn’t want you. The whole idea that I wanted to create was this singular moment where the other person chose to be with someone else instead of me. The reason why I chose for this song not to be a slow ballad with lots of reverb is that situations like this happen and instead of crooning about it, I’d rather just accept it for what it is: a piece of my life. “

Turn up the volume on Bowen’s “Company” here.

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