Sa’ra Charismata Enchants The World With Latest Visuals For New Hit Pop Song “Hypocrites”

Swedish pop artist Sa’ra Charismata has surely found her own lane in music. She recently released her latest song, “Hypocrites,” a protest-pop power-anthem aimed at inspiring millions of people to reach, fulfill, and expand their potentially infinite potential. Confidence and self-esteem are to be found at the core of Charismata’s project, one that is greatly highlighted with the visuals that accompany the song. Ball N Dress, Charismata’s personal Label, is releasing the song, and although she has been signed with some of the biggest Labels in music in the past, she has chosen the independent path as the one best representing her approach. 

Creatively, Charismata is what we could easily call a genius, thanks to her risk-taking approach regarding pop music, and her specialty towards making protes-pop music, her own genre, different from anything you have ever heard.

Sa'ra Charismata - Hypocrites (Official Music Video)

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