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How to Surprise Your Dad on Thanksgiving

When people talk about Thanksgiving, there are plenty of beautiful memories that come to their minds. After all, it’s a perfect time to celebrate as a family.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to surprise your dad and make him special? For so many years, he has been your support system and gives you the unconditional love that you deserve. So, surprising him on Thanksgiving could mean a lot to him.

If you are not sure how you can surprise him this coming Thanksgiving, this post is for you.

Day Off

With so many responsibilities to do, he has no time to do the things he loves. On Thanksgiving, give him a day off. Let him be the boss. You can bring him breakfast in bed or prepare his favorite food or even be the one to do his chores

1. Recreate Most Special Memories

As you probably know, memories can make you sad or laugh. For this coming Thanksgiving, recreate those special moments that can make you all laugh. You can talk about significant experiences you had together like something hilarious that made you laugh so hard, some incidents that moved you to tears, or a moment of serious conversation that made you even closer.

2. Picnic

You can surprise your dad by planning a picnic with the whole family. Before Thanksgiving, pretend that you have no plans for that day. Make sure to make it obvious to make it more convincing and dramatic. You can book a resort or choose a park where you can do a lot of fun things. Then, wake him up, ask to get dressed, and drive him to your chosen picnic spot.

3. Coupon Book

For a unique and dramatic surprise, you can give your dad a coupon book. Make coupons like, “Breakfast in bed,”, “1-hour afternoon nap”, “One car wash”, “Movie marathon with daughter”, “One lunch date with mom,” and other things that he will feel your sweetness. You can add rules on how he uses the coupons. Just pamper him the whole day.

4. Gifts for His Passion

You can give your dad gifts associated with his hobby. If he loves gardening, give him a gardening tool. If he loves to collect photos in printed form, gift him a 3d photo crystal or a photo album. Use gifts to remind him of the things he loves during his spare time.

5. Framed Quotes or Pictures

Hang up a framed quote or picture in his bedroom. So, when he opens his eyes, he’ll see a little surprise. You can frame his childhood picture, your pictures with him, a beautiful quote, or your message for him. In case you want a sprinkle of 3d innovation, you can have a 2d crystal picture and put on his bedside.

6. Surprise Party

You can plan a surprise party together with the entire family. To make it even more special, invite your dad’s friends. A barbecue grill party in the backyard with drinks and cards could be a nice idea.

7. Old Albums and Video Tapes

If you want to reminisce of wonderful memories together, you can look for your old albums or videotapes. Allot a time to play them and bring back the beautiful memories. You can spend the entire day laughing, crying, and smiling together.

8. Letter

Living in a world where everything seems digital and virtual, writing a letter for your dad can be a very special gift. If you want to tell him how much you love him, but you are not comfortable sharing your feelings verbally, then write a letter. You can pour out all your feelings for him, telling him that you love, value, and care for him.

9. Video Games, Food, and Music

Thanksgiving is also a time to enjoy a day with your loved ones. So, you can spend this day playing video games with your dad. You can cook with him, listen to music with him, and dance with him. Then, you can share things going on in your life.

10. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts can really do magic as they can make your dad feel special. These items reflect all your efforts in showing your love and care for him. You can have personalized gifts from 3D innovation such as 3d crystal picture, key chains, wine stoppers, and other 3d printing items. For sure, he’ll love them!

11. Cake or Cupcakes

If you are into baking, you can bake a Thanksgiving-themed cake or cupcakes acknowledging your dad. These food items are easy to make and very adorable. Your dad will surely appreciate your efforts and even melt his heart.

12. Professional Photo Session

Having a professional photo session with the whole family can be a cool way to celebrate Thanksgiving. With the help of a professional photographer, you can make that day extra special and even bigger. The camera can capture new memories with your dad to cherish.

13. Scrapbook

Make your dad busy for a few hours browsing the scrapbook specially made for him. You can write poems and beautiful quotes, add photos, and collect a message from each family member. This gift will remind him of the beautiful memories you spend together.

14. Handmade Cards

There are plenty of greeting card out there, but a handmade card is more meaningful. You can include details that are related to the things he loves. If he loves fishing, then the card could have some fish details. If he loves golf, then you can add details like golf gears. To make it even more special, write a heartfelt message.


As Thanksgiving gets closer, make sure you already have ideas on how to celebrate this special day. Delicious foods are everywhere, countless opportunities to give back, and a chance to see family and friends all together are some of the beautiful things you can expect. However, do not forget to surprise your dad and make him feel so special.

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