Elin Wolf’s New Release “Nighttrain To Yosemite” Will Steal Your Heart Forever

It seems like Swedish singer and songwriter Elin Wolf had a mission to break our hearts with her new otherworldly release, “Nighttrain To Yosemite.” The song is never enough; it never boars. Every guitar riff, every sound that comes out from the artist, every detail is so fulfilling and soul-stirring. Elin sings her heart out with such a passion and devotion that you will find yourself completely involved in her story after the first few notes. Her journey to Yosemite in that night train of destiny is enchanting. You can’t help but mentally find yourself in your own train dashing to old memories. 

Elin’s train is real; she thinks of her past and her decisions and what she should do with her future in the night train to Yosemite. Your train will be symbolic of your memories, but the feeling will be the same. Elin creates a sensual, intimate atmosphere, where safety, heart-warming closeness, and soul torturing sadness of memories collapse into one another. Music corresponds to the emotionality of the lyrics. Elin uses the 60s, 70s style inspired guitar tunes to make you vulnerable to the core and caress your soul. Her voice fills the space around, creating atmospheric melancholy that somehow manages to be utopian and enjoyable in some weird, indescribable way.  

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