A Brief Overview on T-shirt Printing Machine

T-shirt Printing Machine

Modern technology and its advancements have taken the world to the next level of comfort and effectiveness. Just think how tough it was in the past to get a good print on a T-shirt or other garment products? It would take hours after hours to get a good design then. Today, with the advent of modern machines and technological progressions, the task of printing the designs on t-shirts has become very easy. The t-shirts are being produced in bulk amount today in the industries within a very short time using digital t-shirt printing machine

The heat press machines and screen printers are usually the two types of machines which are used to print on t-shirts nowadays. Go through the article to know more about several types of machines by which you can print on t-shirts.

Screen Printing Machines for T-shirts:

Screen printing machines are the ones which perform the process of printing ink by a stencilled mesh screen for creating your desired design. This method is a popular one which is used in a whole range of different industries and production houses. The process is sometimes called by the term “serigraphy” or “silkscreen printing”.

Heat Press Machines for T-shirts:

Heat press printing machines will enable you to print customized logo or required designs on garment products, fabrics and others. The desired design is firstly printed onto transfer paper and then the ink is thermally transferred from the paper on to your fabric or any other product by using heat and pressure.

DTG machines for t-shirt printing

DTG or “Direct To Garments” machines function like a paper-printer in the offices. The only difference is that, in this case, the ink is flowing into the fabric. For printing by the t-shirt machine, you need to upload the design on a computer and then select dimension, colours and other necessities and then go for printing.

Dye Sublimating Machines for T-shirts printing:

Dye sublimation machines work perfectly on light shirts or fabrics. The cost here to produce dye-sub for printing is a bit more but the customers can get a professional design on the shirt by experts. For bringing out the best results in this method, you need to have good knowledge of dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is a perfect process for printing polyester like cream garment items. Before the start, the printing machine work need to ensure you’re the health and safety issue. 

Vinyl Cutting Machines for T-shirt printing:

In these machines, special soft clothing is to cut into shapes or designs and then transferred to a shirt. Then these speciallycrafted designs are placed onto the t-shirts by using the heat press method.

Deciding the method to print on t-shirts

It will all depend on you. You may have a small start-up or a huge business. Some of you even can use these printings for making some t-shirts and clothes or for your family members or friends or close ones. You need to decide what you will do and then it will come to the point of deciding a printing method.

The best printing type applicable for you depends on what kind of item you are up for designing and how many you are going to produce in total. If you do it just for home use to design on the t-shirts for your near ones and for time passing, the heat press printing method is for you and the reasons are stated above. If not and you are going for a start-up or a huge business firm, you should go for the screen-printing method. Again, for a printing requirement where several colours are to be used, the heat press printing is the suitable one to use and the reasons behind this are nicely explained above. But if you require only one colour to be printed, go for the screen-printing method. Lear More About best t-shirt printing machine reviews and buying guides.

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