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Ellen Alexander, a Fashion Diva

Ellen Alexander, a Russian-based model, currently lives in Los Angeles. She has been going since the age of 14 years, understanding her dream of progress stateside. Directly viewed as her home, she dares to the most distant corners of the planet for her job, unmistakably having worked in the US and UK. It has been all go since her appearance, yet at this point, she has another endeavor insight. Since why stop at just a single goal? 

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She started her showing being her father’s fantasy, the scientist and impassioned picture taker took picture takers of his daughter, which helped her dispatch her exhibiting calling. She went on to doing public business shoots or on TV either. Nowadays, she’s traveling completed for a broad scope of shoots, her most cherished being article campaigns for plan conveyances. You may have seen her on the facade of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, playboy, FHM, proverb Belgium, and finally France. Regardless of the all-inclusive periods and wretchedness from journeying, Ellen is more impelled than any time in late memory about her present and future exercises.

Ellen alexander, The fashion Diva


She has had a productive calling on TV, having remembered for various TV plans, for instance, the law of the untamed, white acclaimed, poor Anastasia and a mother penance and my significant other’s savage past. In like manner, she turned her hand to conveying, having made and highlighted in The100Jokes, giving her versatility inside news sources.

Her people are a superb second period of specialists back in Russia, and she strived to be extraordinary corresponding to them. Her granddad was even an influential figure inside the Russian space industry. Notwithstanding that arrangement of encounters, she was satisfied to make her specific way for the duration of regular day to day existence. After a monetary angle degree that her people wished her to do, she is a little while comprehended that her certifiable want was to work in news sources.

Ellen’s energy for news sources transmits through, and her approach to managing her work life is restoring. She is resolved to have some great occasions, love what she does, and to no longer submit time to adventures that aren’t for her.


Next on her everyday plan Music as from her initial age, her energy for music began, singing in a gathering in Russia and forming section. Today, she conveys her theme as a gifted performer and creator, making every piece out of her own tunes and making remixes. Her sound is a class of coordination of each perspective like her EDM, tropical house, and hymns contain an uncompromising stance among different tracks. Ellen’s new music video “shadows” is out on YouTube.

If you are interested in her life and want to know her more, you must follow her Instagram account. Here is the direct access to her account, so simply click on the link https://www.instagram.com/ellen.alexander and start following her. Undoubtedly, she is an inspiration for everyone, so girls, live your dream like her.        

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