Everything to know about Windsurfing

Out of all sea sports, windsurfing is one of the most popular sea sport, and people are more interested in windsurfing. Windsurfing combines sea and wind around beaches. Windsurfing is a technique in which people balance themselves while controlling the wind. 

In other words, windsurfing is also known as a combination of sailing and surfing. Newman Darby originated windsurfing in 1948. He was the first man to do windsurfing. 

A guide to windsurfing

Some people might find windsurfing a challenging and difficult task while other people consider windsurfing easy to learn. Some techniques such as jibes, water starts, and tacks involve in windsurfing. A person needs to have a full practice to perform his best in windsurfing. 

Balance is the most important thing in windsurfing. People should know the importance of using the rig efficiently. Then you need to go into the water and stand on the daggerboard as you stand on the ground. You need to maintain your balance after swinging. The rest of the work will be done by the wind. It would help if you considered the direction of the wind. Moreover, you should know all the techniques and tricks to maintain your balance while windsurfing.

Things you need to have while windsurfing

People need to have a windsurfing kit while they are windsurfing. The windsurfing kit mainly consists of two parts, the surfing board and the rig. These two parts are connected by a Universal Joint. 


1.    Windsurfing board

The Windsurfing board has a similarity with a surfboard. The size of a windsurfing board varies between 2 to 2.5 meters. The size and the windsurfing board vary depending upon the professionalism and surfing skills of a person. Windsurfing boards are made up of fiberglass, epoxy, PVC, Carbon Sandwich, and Expanded Polystyrene Foam. Windsurfing boards are designed in such a way m, making it hard from above and slippery from the bottom.

Also, a windsurfing board consists of several fins located at the bottom of the board. It also contains a centerboard which resembles the daggerboard of the surfboard. These parts help to control drifting and maintaining the stability of the board while windsurfing. Moreover, the foot straps help the person to stand firmly on the windsurfing board.

2.    Rig

The rig is another part of windsurfing equipment, and it contains a boom, mast, and a sail. The mast is used for the purpose of support, while the boom is used for holding purposes. The cord helps to pull the sail connected to the boom. 

3.    Windsurfing Clothing

People need to wear complete and appropriate clothing while windsurfing. There is a lot of wind and waves where people go for windsurfing, and it can create discomfort if the people are wearing an inappropriate dress. Windsurfing has an article on specialized and customized clothing that people need to wear while windsurfing. Moreover, the outfit which a person wears should be safe and comfortable. However, the use of rescue coats, shoes, sunglasses, wetsuit and helmet is also recommended to have the safest windsurfing experience. 

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