Coronavirus News: Back to School and Vaccination

Covid-19 is, without a doubt, the trending topic of 2020. The pandemic that has been ravaging the planet since spring continues to be a global problem. Although it has been controlled in many countries due to coronavirus containment measures, the reality is that until a vaccine that is effective to work of a greater part of the population to generate herd immunity is found, the problem will still remain very persistent

The over information that we receive from time to time about the coronavirus leads us, occasionally, to go to news sources, whether they are the media, social networks or even YouTube channels, which become rewrites of old news, with the same information in all these areas.

However, you don’t have to despair. With just a little bit of patience and interest, you can obtain relevant information about the status of the pandemic. Furthermore, it means you can return to classes, wait for vaccination, adhere to isolation measures or the treatments that are being implemented to curb the coronavirus impact.

Gustavo Mirabal and his Press Team, Reliable Sources of Information

A relevant case is Gustavo Mirabal ‘s press team, which offers quality and updated content on topics such as the development of vaccines and coronavirus treatments via its website.

Gustavo Mirabal’s equestrian magazine published that some experts are using equipment serum to treat the virus in Argentina. The said serum entails purified antibodies and immunological agents from the blood of horses. The goal, which is hopefully paying off, is to increase the defenses of everyone infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, this means there is something to look forward to.

In turn, in Gustavo Mirabal’s magazine, there is also a mentioned that not only can equine serum be a probable coronavirus treatment, but that another practice with horses is interesting. We are talking about equine therapy. Doctors in Italy are currently using this therapy to treat coronavirus patients.

Equine therapy, a practice known for years, is now being used as a novelty to calm doctors and restore strength and mental balance.

Waiting for the Vaccine, Tests and more Tests

Although there are developments of different palliative treatments and intensifying the isolation measures to reduce the severity of the coronavirus while trying to make all this compatible with the continuity of economic activity, the superpowers of the world like USA, China, Germany and Russia are taking steps to obtain a vaccine that will prove to very effective.

The United States, France, the United Kingdom, India, Russia and China are the main countries that are putting teams of researchers and laboratories in order to realise this achievement, knowing that this can also mean a geopolitical and strategic victory.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine, one of the most advanced vaccine attempts yet, has shown significant progress as has a Russian lab. However, it will be long until the vaccine finally hits the market.

When that happens, it will be necessary to see the distribution, the price, the possible side effects the vaccine will generate, and if it really serves to generate immunity. Until then, treatments that help reduce ailments, such as those published on Gustavo Mirabal’s website, may be an intermediate solution.

Going Back to School, another Great Challenge to Face in 2020

The coronavirus is, without a doubt, the greatest challenge facing humanity in recent years. Some aspects such as the redistribution of wealth or the survival of certain layers of the population, which may be more affected by economic or educational problems than by health itself, will depend on their balanced output or not.

Education is another battlefield that has many countries open. In Spain, the administrations with powers have openly opted for face-to-face education, even with a very high contagion rate that does not guarantee balanced coexistence with the virus.

China has shown a lot of power to overcome a first wave even before spring, as it was this country that set off the alarms in the first place. Its bet is to reactivate education and business via face-to-face since it is highly dependent on manual invoicing.

The United Arab Emirates, a highly technologically developed country, can opt for online training. However, in Venezuela, this bet may change during the year if conditions allow a return to school in person.

The first world economic power, the United States, due to its federal nature, has left this decision in each of its states’ hands. This is so that we can see how some states return to a physical school, taking many preventive measures for it while others focus more on virtual learning.

There is no doubt that information technologies are a great ally in these times. Information is power, but in this case, you have to know how to select sources well. Gustavo Mirabal’s team is dedicating to showing us that there is hope to defeat the coronavirus and that animals can be part of that remedy in the form of a vaccine or treatment that is so longed for.

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