Nidal Rasheed Elaborates on the Workings of His Company, Silvertail Property Group

Nidal Rasheed, a successful entrepreneur, and property expert, who has aided hundreds of families to get on and climb up the property ladder, talks about how his company operates and helps clients get their desired outcome when it comes to property investment.

Nidal’s company focuses on providing financial freedom to clients through property investing. ‘Silvertail’ helps investors build an affordable, multi-property portfolio meanwhile also maximizing tax benefits and minimizing any risks involved. Rasheed has invested his expertise in his company and imparted his wisdom to his talented team rather well, as the company successfully devises a strategy that doesn’t weigh too much on the client’s pockets and also sets them up for retirement. ‘Silvertail’ ensures that extensive research and due diligence are involved to help the client find the right property that is perfectly suited to their needs.

“We help people buy/build new properties. Specifically, brand new house and land packages, townhouses, apartments, dual key homes, and duplexes,” says Nidal.

‘Silvertail’ relief’s the clients of having to deal with third-party negotiations, which they do on the client’s behalf. The company makes sure that the customer is their main focus and that there is no hesitation on their part in answering any queries, providing support, and addressing any concerns. The company has hand-selected, and established business partnerships with Australia’s leading builders and developers. ‘Silvertail’s main goal is to secure premium investment properties as well as concentrating on high performing residential areas.

What’s unique about the company is that every plan is customized. They analyze their clients’ current situation and try to understand their investment goals. A bespoke investment plan is then designed that caters to their every need. This ensures transparency and trust between the client and the company. This and much more is offered by the extremely efficient ‘Silvertail’ team and all they want you do is just sit back, read their ‘Hello to Handover’ stage reports, and just enjoy the completely hassle-free investment experience.

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