Mo Abboud: a Real Estate tycoon

When a person starts any business, there are many things that they consider in which, how many efforts, capital; labour will take to start a beneficial business. Well, if we talk about the professional businessmen who are already in the market, they will also give you many tips and tricks. All you need to do is follow them and apply according to the need of your business. If we specifically discuss the leading business of the world, we can say Real Estate is one of the best among other types of business because it can make or break a person. People used to invest in real estate so they can earn more and it’s a reality, there are many people in history who start with low investment and today, they become a giant fish in this pond. We must mention a person who chooses the real estate business and become the master of it; his name is Mo Abboud. Let’s discuss his life story. 

Early life:

He was born in Syria on 1st March 1994. He spends the initial years of his life at the same place and at the age of 13, his life takes a turn when he shifts to Virginia with his family in 2007. As expected to the real heroes, he also struggles very hard to earn a living. Even his family members were also suffering from hardship and tried hard to get reasonable earnings for the family. The financial situation of the family provoked Abboud to work; therefore, he went to school and also worked at McDonald’s.

In his throughout career, he tries many things to get the real career vibes. For the achievement of this purpose, he also works as an expert in media marketing, where he helps the other people in their business. He built a music studio as well in VA but never continued it and left after two years. He starts his own company with the name of “neat gardens.” And found that real estate is his real passion and career. 

His new interest was drop-shipping, where one of his friends made more than 50 thousand bucks in this business. He was smart enough to use YouTube as the basic institute and learn how to deal with the drop-shipping. Shopify app helped him to create an online store where he can offer his services just like and

Current status:

According to Mo Abboud, real estate has a lot of scope and opportunities that will help to grow this business. He is now a billionaire, but his lifestyle is as simple as he is in real life. He is the proud agent of Samson Properties in Chantilly, VA. Here he helps the people in buying the home and sells his professional services for the wellbeing of the people. 

So, people don’t make any hustle or get mad while making any decision related to any property. Take the assistance of Mo Abboud and see what he will have for you. 

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